I was surfing Youtube when i stumbled upon this guy...
It amazed me how many points he made that i completely agreed with such as free will and Kantian (non-metaphysical) metaphysics. Wanted to know what you guys thought about this. I am skeptical, but i decided to take the class (its free otherwise i would have immediately dismissed it) to see what reasons he has for his beliefs.

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hmmm.... i don't know if i actually agree with that. Ive heard of studies that seem to suggest otherwise. That you actually cannot think without language. I would have to dig them up...
How many scents can you smell? How many colors can you see? How many tastes can you taste? How many sounds can you hear?

Do you have an equal number of words to describe them? I sure don't.
yeah of course, i see how your are defining "thought" now.

if that is what you were getting at, there is no disagreement.
I use a slightly stricker definition. Smell, sight, taste, touch, and sound are sensations/perceptions (which are themselves distinct.) Perhaps "cognition" is a more precise word to describe what i *thought*(hehe :D) you were referring to
Are you suggesting that you are unable to conceptualize, or be cognizant of a color, smell or taste?
I would be able to preceive them and sense them. But no i wouldn't be able to conceptualize them. (i.e. make them into a concept.)

Cognizant, again is ambigious. If you mean aware then yes.
How can you define something as "scent", without putting it into a word like you just did? I have to agree with the notion that languages limit our thinking. There is also a backed up claim with that woman who was born blind and deaf (Helen Keller?). She said herself she couldn't understand that "cold and flowing things on her hands" until she learnt the word water. Many scholars claim that humans couldn't logically think until we have a properly functioning language. We think in languages, and when we experience something we cannot explain in our language, we need a word to define it or we don't understand it.


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