The promotion of religion and religious theologyHas, and is, causing the deaths of so many people, and the oppression of many others, do you thing it should be banned? It's not just because of the discusting horrers purpitrated by the organised theist terrorists, but all of the deaths and injuries done to people by mentaly disturbed people in the name of "God" or because "God told/made me do it", as in this recent artical on Yahoo! news -
What's your opinion and why?

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I wouldn't say "banned", people should be free to believe whatever they want to believe, but religions people should not be given exceptions because of what they want to believe. Also those beliefs should be open to question and scrutiny.

If someone is asked to work on a Saturday and they refuse, you should be able to fire them. You're not firing them "because they were Jewish/7th day adventist/whatever) you're firing them because "they refused to work on a Saturday".

If someone claims to hear voices you get them mental treatment, they don't get a pass because they say it's from god....
No religion should not be banned and if you try, you will not only probably fail, but welcome a huge underground network of sordid cults that give people what they need.

And that's the issue. Religion, gives people something they need. You can claim it is all about brainwashing as much as you want, but people are still choosing it.

As I once heard an individual say, we will not remove religion from our lives, until we can overcome the fear of death and nihlism. And since we can't do that, until we create a way for human conciousness to live for eternity, religion will alway's exist.

You can't get rid of religion, without getting rid of fear.

And calling a thiest, who is a part of organized religion a terrorist, is no better than a believer, claming an athiest is a terrorist of the soul.

It's meaninless.
Best way to give something credibility is to ban it. Just look at the success of drug laws. Save, copy, paste for the next 6^66 times you see a similar discussion raised.
I have no desire to see religion banned, but I would like to see it lose it's tax exemptions and it's unusual legal protections. Religious belief, sincerely held or otherwise, should not get anyone around laws the rest of us have to abide by.
I don't see how religion can be banned. Besides that, not all religions are theistic; for instance, some Unitarian Universalists and Buddhists are atheists. Even some very liberal Christians are functionally atheists, though they may cling to a metaphorical god-concept. Religious extremism must be combated in every (moral, legal) way possible, but it would be another form of extremism to prevent all people from practicing their religion.

Buddhist are not necessarily atheist. They are more like non-theist. Unitarians do have atheist, but they are not all atheist.
Right, which is what I said; I am pointing out that religions do not necessarily have to be centered around a god or supernatural phenomena.
Paris Hilton, George Bush, Michael Moore, Richard Dawkins, Noam Chomski, Che Gueverra...
Magic Odd Effect: If it were banned, we'd see what happened during the time of Nero: they would go underground.

Think suicide bomber. Its the Islamic world's answer to being a punk rocker.
Should religion be banned?



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