It would be quite useful is we could organise the My Groups page to suit our own needs. At the moment, joining a new group presents it as the first group in the list. This means all the other groups get pushed down. Not so bad if they all remain on the one page, but when you have more than one page it becomes a little more difficult.

Being able to organise the groups so I can put my most frequently visited and favourite groups at the top would certainly enhance the usability of that section of AN.

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Seconded! This has been bugging me. My most visited group is last in my list and it's quite annoying.
Hey Stephen, I completely agree with you and Dawn, it is something that A|N is trying to get looked into. I'll leave any updates here.
Thanks for bringing this up, Stephen - I'd wondered about that too!
It'd be nice to be able to control the order groups appear on personal pages, too.
Thank you everyone for your support, it is a great idea and I have added it to the list of suggestions.




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