2008 September 06
“The God of the Old Testament is a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sado-masochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” Richard Dawkins

Terence Meaden says:
Seeing that this is a perceptive, truthful observation that stands up to any amount of scrutiny, here is some sound advice.

Type it on to sticky labels and take them with you on your travels.

You may then put a sticker into every Gideon bible you encounter in order to help guide potential browsers towards the truth

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Oh, Terry, what a nefarious plot! I love it! ROFL!
Glad that you like the idea. I'll issue another label suggestion in a day or two when I'm less busy.
Cheers; and I'll issue another label suggestion in a day or two when I'm less busy.
Since believers are not operating from a logical or reasoning perspective, you can not get to them that way. It's an impossible debate - There's no common platform from which we can approach the question. We atheists generally value the scientific method in assessing the worth of a claim, they, the believers, really and truly approach the world with blind faith. How can we even agree on what we're arguing about?
We know that you are right as regards 'believers' because their minds are already made up.

Our best hope is to save the doubters from doubting.

If we can be said to have a mission, it is to spare those who ask questions about faiths from deluding themselves any longer.
That is an admirable mission. I think that the most important thing we can do is let the world know we're out here. Let the doubters know that there is someplace that their questions can take them. Someplace where questions are welcome and there are no dead ends. Do you think that believers are aware of the mental contortions they must be going through in order to keep their beliefs intact?
It's a good idea though I doubt it will work ... those that do it will simply be branded as intolerant I think. Hell my wife thinks I am already and she loves me!!!!

Ha, yes Kyu, but, sadly, it will hardly become a huge mass movement, will it?

I simply offer the suggestion as something that keen individual atheists can try---to emphasise the point that bible-believers prefer to ignore the nasty bits.
After all, if the latter people really believe the bible, then they are obliged to accept the violent bits too---to which end they always offer pathetic excuses instead of admitting that almost everything is the bible is either fiction or, more rarely, grossly-exaggerated fact.
Moab, I admire your posting stamina almost as much as I admire your love of the negative proof fallacy.

Nice to see an ad hominem attack attack segue so neatly into some innuendo for some variety though.

But I simply cannot keep pace with the volume of your illogic. I have genuinely had to replace my keyboard as a consequence.

But it's the end of my shift now, I have to clock off.
Moab's post (the one I was replying to) has vanished, has he been expunged from the forum?
This is strange. Moab's comment has vanished before I even saw it so I cannot help.
Perhaps Moab will post it again.
Perhaps just as well...




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