2008 September 06
“The God of the Old Testament is a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sado-masochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” Richard Dawkins

Terence Meaden says:
Seeing that this is a perceptive, truthful observation that stands up to any amount of scrutiny, here is some sound advice.

Type it on to sticky labels and take them with you on your travels.

You may then put a sticker into every Gideon bible you encounter in order to help guide potential browsers towards the truth

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Ah a Bristolian. Be my friend.

From Terence the Moonraker.
Then, after applying the sticker, one could always slip one of these between the pages. Printable Anti-Religious pamphlets Link
Thank you. Those pamphlets are marvellous. I have not seen them before.
I shall print out some of them and put them to use.
but don't forget Christians accept the fact that the god of the old testament was cruel and sadistic , so they counter this with the new testament saying Jesus came to us to fix all of this , in fact that the new testament is much softer and more appealing to the human condition , which is a crock also because that must mean that the old testament is null and void now?.

You sir have inspired me to buy a label maker!
That could have the effect of repairing a leaky toilet with a sledgehammer: so much fun, but counterproductive in the end. Dawkins's "God of the Old Testament" is the one Moses "revealed," but another god begins to emerge in the postexilic prophetic and wisdom literature: one who demands ethical behavior rather than blind obedience or obeisance. Contemporary believers should be encouraged to read the bible from a more critical perspective and grow beyond superstition altogether.
I just got back from a road trip throughout the South. We stayed in 8 different motels during the trip.
I made up some stickers for the occasion and and pasted them on 8 Gideon bibles.
They are made to fit 3" X 2" stickers (I have about 5000 blanks of the things).
Feel free to use them.

That's funny! I wonder if the motel could claim destruction of property, since the bibles are donated. I hope they wouldn't try.
I just had another idea -- local atheist or humanist groups could try to place some appropriate book in the motels that have Gideon bibles. Any suggestions for something that would be inexpensive yet informative?
Good work Carver.
I'll look up a list of major biblical crimes that are in the Old Testament for specific referencing. I can't find where I posted it at the moment (the post was called "Helping to Guide Bible Believers Towards the Truth: Part 1").
That's hilarious, Carver!

Before you visit Utah, you should prepare some stickers tailor-made for The Book of Mormon.
Don't forget to put tabs in them pointing out the "best" quotes. Like "blessed are they who smash your children against the rocks."
Here are the quotes that I posted somewhere in A/N a long while ago because I think it right that believers should get to know their bible better.
The quotes could be printed on stickers, ready to use wherever appropriate.
The supergnat-brainers can hardly complain because they are always eager to know their bible better.
Don't they say that the bible is the word of god?

Megalomaniacal God and his Mass Killings
—Genocides Committed by or Authorised by God—

Everyone except Noah and his family (Genesis 7:23)
3000 men (Exodus 32:27, 8)
14,700 died (Numbers 16:49)
Everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 19:24)
All the first-born in Egypt (Exodus 12:29)
10,000 Perizzites and Canaanites (Judges 1:4)
10,000 Moabites (Judges 1:4)
120,000 Midianites (Judges 8:10)
50,070 people of Bethshemesh ( I Samuel 6:19)
22,000 Syrians (II Samuel 8:5)
40,000+ Syrians (II Samuel 10:18)
70,000 people (II Samuel 24:15)
Every man in Edom (I Kings 11:15)
185,000 Assyrians in their sleep (II Kings 19:35)
500,000 men of Israel (II Chronicles 13:16-20)
20,000 Edomites (II Chronicles 28:11,12)
120,000 Judeans in one day (II Chronicles 28:5,6)
75,500+ people (Esther 9:12-14)
100,000 Syrian footmen (I Kings 20: 28-3)
Et cetera.
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