This is a link to an article regarding Obama and the Bush tax cuts. Frankly I think any tax cut is a good tax cut, but it would be nice if they'd do it across the board rather than for one income level or another.

We elected a Democrat congress in 06 to help end the war, and the war has expanded (surge went along as planned) and now the Dem presidential candidate is going to continue along the same lines as Bush for the richest Americans.

Can you trust either of them? Doesn't this just go to show that there will be no significant change next election cycle?

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Politics is like a play. It doesn't matter who the actors are or how many times you watch it, it's always the same performance.
I like how they never seem to undo what they speak out against when trying to get elected.
That's precisely how government power grows. Government encroachment ratchets further and further forward with each new set of leaders and never seems to take any significant steps back. Before we know it, we're looking back at the late 1700's and cute little baby government of the time and wondering how it became the clear monster that it is now.

This trend appears so strong that it is a significant contribution to my suspicion of any proposed government.
I do believe there is a place for some government. Perhaps akin to local community organizers coordinating services that have been contributed to by the tax payers. A military is essential, but more localized. I also see a need for an organized system of justice. Not the bloated system of "if you have the money you get off" we have now though.

My idea of a utopia would be along the lines of being challenged to make a life for myself and my family and having little to no intervention from the government unless I initiate force upon another person or their property. Success would not be guaranteed though. Think about a video game where success is practically guaranteed! Like on Zelda Link to the Past where you have your first mission to go find Zelda in the dungeon of the'd be hard pressed not to be able to complete that mission. Whenever I start that game over again, I find that mission tedious and boring. That's what life would be like if everyone were guaranteed success.

Okay I rambled...maybe you understand what I'm trying to say.
Would contributions to these programs be mandatory (enforced by armed men), or voluntary? Do you think that people would voluntarily contribute enough time/money/resources to these programs to make them work? Do these programs need to be run by a governmental organization, or could these needs be provided by private industry?

Your minimalistic local government does sound appealing. I could certainly see myself contributing to such a government assuming that it did not involve extorting taxes from it's citizens and it provided an adequate service for its cost.

I just created a thread "Ideal form of government," it would probably be appropriate to continue this discussion there if you feel the desire to discuss this more.




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