I love to read. I love to read so much I decided that it was a good idea to major in English. Well during those years earning my degree I read a metric-fuck-ton of literature from around the world...

Well I was thinking about how religion influenced a lot of the books I've read in the past. And I'm kind of grateful for religion coming up with some awesome mythical creatures and places.

So let me just say this: Dragons.

I love dragons, I wish they were real.... I'd totally have one as a pet, I'd train it not to eat me. Hopefully it would end up being like the Dragon from Dragonheart or Eragon. I think almost every culture has their version of a dragon. Hell...even the bible has dragons!

I also like the idea of soul, I think its poetic. When I was a christian, I never thought of a soul as being a ghost-like version of myself. I liked thinking that the soul was a strong sense of compassion and love.

Anyway... What religious icons, symbols, etc. do you like?

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The so-called 'Christian" Fish. To start with, it pre-dates the Jewish Zombie boy by at lest 1000 years. Linked to the Goddess Mari (from whom we get Mar-ine, Mari-time), who was called "The great fishy one", and many other sea/water Goddess'. And formed from a simple vulva with crescent moons! Yup, that's right - a cunt with crescent moons. A symbol so pagan, and yet fundies think it some how has something to do with Zombie boy! And here I thought he was suppose to be a carpenter....
Ya like parents would want me to teach their kids how to make dangerous mechanical devices, explosive pyrotechnics, hand-to-hand combat, Anarchist philosophy and every fucking swearword I know!
The Mormons think he visited America.... hehehe

I love that episode.

I don't know if I'd choose Jebus as one of the better symbols b/c he's so cliche! Ancient sun gods like him are a dime a dozen. Now Osiris and Horus are pretty bad ass. They both have a similar story of our friend Jebus.

The Hindu religion, I think, had the right mind to make their gods blue (or is it green?) that way there is enough distinction between humans and gods so they wouldn't have those race issues like American Jebus people do.
LoLo: Anyway... What religious icons, symbols, etc. do you like?

If you're into this crap, I highly recommend a visit to an eastern orthodox church. The older, the better. How anybody could deny a direct link between fuck-nuttery and paganism / Dionysis / Bacchus after seeing it is beyond me. I'd give you some links, but all Google gives me is Linda Blair and Britney Spears (search terms orthodox, spear, pagan, grapes etc.)
I'd rather not visit some nutty church, I'd rather read about vampires, unicorns and dragons. Or gods that provide you with beer in the afterlife. Some of these people coming up with these stories created some great characters. They were great fiction writers, and like most great writers their plots and characters were plagiarized by the next generation - but they just weren't the same.
Orthodox churches are fascinating. Where do you think gothic writers steal their ideas ?
Good: The Buddha. A guy sitting down and thinking - what's not to like.

Bad: Christ on the cross. A corpse on a stick - what is THAT supposed to say to me?
Paul: Good: The Buddha. A guy sitting down and thinking - what's not to like.

Fat, complacent, holier-than-thou, crippled children are a kharmic debt...

Buddhism needs destruction like the other religions. Buddhism is atheism for pussies.

Need I go on ?
Nurse - tighten his straps, we clearly need we need more thorazine :-)
Lucifer. I'm not just being adversarial here. He is a great symbol of rebellion against tyranny.
I love Satan's character in Paradise Lost, he was so much more interesting than the "good guys" in that book. Luci is just a rehashing of Pan/Faunus the goat god that the Christians turned into an evil symbol anyway.

Pan was awesome: peace loving, pastoral, part goat, musical....
Satan was the original equal rights activist. Proof that God exists: I just pulled a booger out of my nose that was like a slice of cabanossi. It was delicious. I was touched by Jesus.




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