I love to read. I love to read so much I decided that it was a good idea to major in English. Well during those years earning my degree I read a metric-fuck-ton of literature from around the world...

Well I was thinking about how religion influenced a lot of the books I've read in the past. And I'm kind of grateful for religion coming up with some awesome mythical creatures and places.

So let me just say this: Dragons.

I love dragons, I wish they were real.... I'd totally have one as a pet, I'd train it not to eat me. Hopefully it would end up being like the Dragon from Dragonheart or Eragon. I think almost every culture has their version of a dragon. Hell...even the bible has dragons!

I also like the idea of soul, I think its poetic. When I was a christian, I never thought of a soul as being a ghost-like version of myself. I liked thinking that the soul was a strong sense of compassion and love.

Anyway... What religious icons, symbols, etc. do you like?

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Stained Glass. If you step back and squint, you can ignore the images in it and just enjoy it for the design and color. Gorgeous. Oh, and I love the cathedral architecture that goes with it.
Stained glass is beautiful. If I'm ever rich I hope I can put stained glass in at least one window in my future house. ;)
I love the architecture of the Gothic & Classical churches in England. Like Notre Dame, it is beautiful - such a fantastic demonstration of human creation. I love pencil and ink sketches of this church, it takes a lot of talent to draw something that complicated.

-Also gargoyles.... I love how some xtians think that gargoyles are a symbol of evil but they were originally intended to ward against evil...which is why they are found on the corners of churches. XD
The idea of Valhala is fucking awesome. The idea of eating, drinking, beating the hell out of eachother in combat, and back to drinking sounds so fun.
I must say I'm rather keen on the concept of turning water into wine. ;-)
I prefer making it go the other way :-)
Never mind, Michael, Paul and I will drink your share! Hic!
Penn and Teller have turned water into wine.... They must be the reincarnate of Jebus.
How about Priapus?


Man I wish I knew about this guy a lot earlier in life, so much fun to be had with this guy. Er, the symbolism I mean.
They really did have a god for everything....

That's hilarious!
Oh blah, I had found some 'articles' stating Toyota was coming out with some new hybrid sports car called "the Priapus", but apparently it was a joke ad. Shame, it would have been spectacular to see women zooming around in one.




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