I love to read. I love to read so much I decided that it was a good idea to major in English. Well during those years earning my degree I read a metric-fuck-ton of literature from around the world...

Well I was thinking about how religion influenced a lot of the books I've read in the past. And I'm kind of grateful for religion coming up with some awesome mythical creatures and places.

So let me just say this: Dragons.

I love dragons, I wish they were real.... I'd totally have one as a pet, I'd train it not to eat me. Hopefully it would end up being like the Dragon from Dragonheart or Eragon. I think almost every culture has their version of a dragon. Hell...even the bible has dragons!

I also like the idea of soul, I think its poetic. When I was a christian, I never thought of a soul as being a ghost-like version of myself. I liked thinking that the soul was a strong sense of compassion and love.

Anyway... What religious icons, symbols, etc. do you like?

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I have two silver necklaces that can be somewhat religious natured. I could swear hearing that silver had some kind of meaning in pagan religions. Anyway, I have an ankh. The ankh meaning 'eternal life'. Well, to me, that only means A) you are only as old as you feel and B) you can 'live on' even after death through the people you influenced and how you affected the world around you. Plus, I like the ankh because I have more respect for the values of the pagan religions than the 'desert dogmas'.

The other necklace is an amethyst. It's not really religious, but it kind of is similar to religious jewelry. It represents a life philosophy of mine. Well, purple is the color often associated with bisexuality, and though I LOOSELY use the term for myself on occasion, i think sexuality is very fluid. Many shades of gray. I sort of use the amethyst as a symbol of neutrality or trying to see the strengths and flaws in every idea or person or whatever. The ability to try to see the shades of gray in a world of black and white, take sides herd mentality. So, the ankh is life and the amethyst is balance.

Yeah, it ain't exactly rocket science, but I like them. lol


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