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Take everything in moderation, even dihydrogen monoxide! Seriously though, it is like that. Expose yourself too much of omething, chances are you will die. Walk too much on a railroad (unlucky and a train will hit you), drink too much soda (this is a little farfetched but hey, overweight kills and you might develop diabetes and aspartame can cause cancer) although i still think people should be more concerned about their attitudes towards smoking, driving and drinking. These are the most common reasons people die each year (traffic accidents etc).
Apparently it's commonly used as an industrial fire retardant.

I also read that if you dissolve harmless table salt into it it becomes a broad spectrum herbicide.

I can't believe we've allowed this stuff to pollute the environment - we deserve everything we get.

It's time to let the cockroaches take over, we had our chance and we blew it.
It's so unfortunate that you find that all known fish have been tested positive for exposure to this evil chemical.
I have lost a few friends due to this chemical compound. Usually while they were swimming or scuba diving.
Gawd, this was old when the internet was text based shell, and point and click browsers were on Star Trek.

BTW - did you ever hear about Richerd Gere and the gerbil ?

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