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To Defend Science signatories:

We want to let everyone know that we are publishing a quarter page ad in the New York Times on Tuesday, September 9. The ad will run in the front (news) section of the Times and will consist of excerpts from the Defend Science Statement and a very abbreviated list of signatories.

The Defend Science Project developed in response to what can only be described as a multi-faceted assault on science which took a big leap during the time of the Bush administration, from sources both inside and outside that administration: creationist challenges to teaching
evolution in pubic schools, muzzling of global warming scientists, “scientific McCarthyism” in relation to appointments to government advisory boards, to name just a few. There has been an unprecedented alliance and intertwining of the Bush administration’s distortion of the
integrity of the scientific process to serve political ends and the ideological agenda put forward by powerful Christian fundamentalist forces. A larger picture of a very dangerous, and continuing, attack on scientific thinking and method emerged. We have from the beginning had the mission of “sounding the alarm” about these developments as broadly as
we can in society.

Our understanding is that there continues to be an urgent need to raise these questions and concerns. Our ad will contribute to this goal. So far in this electoral season, there has been a “cone of silence” about the attacks on science (though there seems to be ample space for creationism and Biblical literalism in the discussion). We greatly encourage everyone to write letters to the editor, op-ed pieces, etc., to help break through on this.

We have been able to publish this ad because of generous contributions made from people who have signed the statement, as well as from broader fund-raising efforts. We plan to publish a further ad in the Times, and we are asking for contributions so that we can do this.

If you want to make tax deductible contributions, please endorse your check to The Institute for
the Study of Natural & Cultural Resources, and send it to:

Defend Science
2124 Kittredge St., #182
Berkeley CA 94704-1436

Or, visit our website:
and click the \"Make a Donation\" button to contribute
securely via PayPal.

Thank you,

Defend Science

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