The world may have ended :-)

they are firing up the supercollider in Cern. Amazing science but we all know God really did it all !!!!!!

Excitement and Fear Abound Over Super Collider

By Richard Koman
September 8, 2008 11:41AM

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As scientists ready the Large Hadron Collider at CERN for its giant science experiment, some members of the public fear the LHC could create black holes. The LHC at CERN will attempt to replicate the universe's conditions after the Big Bang. The scientific community says the anti-LHC hysteria is nothing more than a "doomsday scenario."

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Scientists are getting ready to flip the switch on the largest science experiment ever conducted on Earth -- the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN.
The LHC is a 27-kilometer ring located in the outskirts of Geneva, Switzerland, around which high-energy protons will be smashed together in two counter-rotating beams. More than 1,000 magnets will keep the beams -- each containing millions of protons -- on a circular path around the collider, while hundreds more keep the beams focused. The beams will travel at almost the speed of light.

What's the point? To replicate as closely as possible conditions in the universe immediately after the Big Bang, and to search for the elusive Higgs boson, an undiscovered particle that is required for physics' Standard Model to work. The Higgs boson -- popularized as "God's particle" -- was theorized in 1964 by Peter Higgs and independently by a number of other physicists.

Public Fear and Worry

The LHC experiments may enable scientists to observe a number of theorized aspects of the early universe. For one thing, 96 percent of the universe consists of so-called dark matter and dark energy. "They are incredibly difficult to detect and study, other than through the gravitational forces they exert. Investigating the nature of dark matter and dark energy is one of the biggest challenges today in the fields of particle physics and cosmology," CERN explained on its Web site.

The experiments may even be able to detect whether extra dimensions of space exist, as theorized by the "string theory" in theoretical physics.

But the collider has been the subject of intense fear among the public. Public-relations staffers at the LHC are receiving a flood of worried and angry phone calls and e-mails, reported James Gillies, head of PR for the collider. Nobel prize winner Frank Wilczek of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has even received death threats, according to the BBC.

Black Holes and Stranglets

"They phone me and say: "I am seriously worried. Please tell me that my children are safe," Gillies told the BBC. "There are a number who say: 'You are evil and dangerous and you are going to destroy the world.'" Gillies said the concerns are "nonsense," adding, "What we are doing is enriching humanity, not putting it at risk."

The concerns are nothing less than a total doomsday scenario. The anti-LHC hysteria was started by Walter L. Wagner and Luis Sancho, who filed suit in U.S. and European courts to stop the LHC. Their theory is that the LHC will produce micro black holes and "stranglets" that may not decay as rapidly as mainstream physics predicts. (continued...)

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But you told me the radiation would kill me, I thought I had a few weeks at least.

I haven't filed my tax return yet, I'm not ready!
If I remember relativity correctly, if you die by falling into a black hole, you'll be torn apart by tidal forces. The plus side being that by the time that's strong enough to kill you, it'll be over pretty quickly.

However, someone looking in at you from a safe distance will see you falling forever, turning redder and redder, because the deeper you fall into that gravity well, the longer it takes light to climb back out of it toward the observer.

Oh, and Greg Egan has a very cool applet that shows what it looks like near a black hole, at
If I don't wake up tomorrow, it'll be because I didn't go to sleep.

Tomorrow is only systems testing, they don't go evaporating the universe for another month or two.

There is some doubt you would actually die entering a black hole as time as we know it would slow down to an incredible level.

You body would just be torn apart by the forces in an infinitely slow and horrible manner.

Just imagine the squeals from all those believers who thought they would end up in heaven for eternity :-)
oops double post

Is something odd is going on in the universe today or is it just me ?

Have you seen the movie "The Quiet Earth" ?
I thought time and matter was infinitely stretched as it entered the black hole.

I remember seeing a Simpsons cartoon on the subject a while back :-)
That would depend on if you went in feet first or head first :-)
And it was a success! *cheers!*

Its good to know that CERN can successfully destroy the world soon enough, when they actually start banging particles around. ;P
Oh yeah I heard about that, but forgot. I had wondered why we were all gonna die today. :P
Uh oh...

I find it funny that all they did on Sept. 10th was turn it on and send some protons whizzing around, but never collided anything. They won't actually be colliding anything until a later date.

There's also the fact that cosmic rays collide with things in our atmosphere all the time at much higher speeds, and don't create mini black holes. If people actually did a modicum of research on the topic, they would find that the fear is pretty unfounded.

Then again, if you're doing science and you're not pissing someone off, you're doing it wrong.

Also, hilarious images, Fizzy.
Intelligent research ? Screw it just running round yelling "The world is going to end !!!" is a lot more fun than studying facts.


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