There are several good game sites on the web but none that I've seen are specific to a particular group.

An AtheistNexus game room might become an interesting gathering place for our own members (and if designed the right way it could attract new members as well).

Can we work on this idea? What games might be attractive?

Table games like Monopoly... card games like Bridge, Hearts, Poker, etc.?

Are there any pitfalls to doing something like this and what hurdles will we need to overcome to make this suggestion work if we'd like to do it?

Would you contribute your personal volunteer time or money or both in support of making this suggested idea addition to Nexus?

Please offer your thoughts....

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Yeah,I really like this idea.
Just as long as everything is comparable with Linux, I'm good.
I can volunteer to test them with Linux.
Other games could be:


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