I hear a ton of atheists that say that they see nothing wrong with religion. Have you been paying attention? Are you alive? Do you know any religious people?
Remember 7 years ago, September 11? Remember 70 years ago, the HOLOCAUST? Both were purely religious. How can ANYONE with a brain respect any religion? Religion is evil. Religion has caused more harm than ANY OTHER SOURCE. Respect is EARNED, not GIVEN. No, I do not respect religious beliefs. The belief in a 2000 year old book of fairy tales is ridiculous.


Read that, and tell me that you respect religious beliefs. If you can, you are almost as delusional as the people that buy into that crap.

Let me ask you one question: can you name a SINGLE good thing that religion does that couldn't be accomplished be other means?

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Even looking down at these sillies one must still respect them. Learning to respect one's enemies is a hard lesson won.
Digesting what you all said -

Religion had a purpose: coagulating tribes into societies.

That purpose is gone. QED.
Agreed. But it did coagulate disparate tribes. Its job is done. Lets move on.
Reminds me of "Happy Feet".



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