I hear a ton of atheists that say that they see nothing wrong with religion. Have you been paying attention? Are you alive? Do you know any religious people?
Remember 7 years ago, September 11? Remember 70 years ago, the HOLOCAUST? Both were purely religious. How can ANYONE with a brain respect any religion? Religion is evil. Religion has caused more harm than ANY OTHER SOURCE. Respect is EARNED, not GIVEN. No, I do not respect religious beliefs. The belief in a 2000 year old book of fairy tales is ridiculous.


Read that, and tell me that you respect religious beliefs. If you can, you are almost as delusional as the people that buy into that crap.

Let me ask you one question: can you name a SINGLE good thing that religion does that couldn't be accomplished be other means?

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Unfortunately it seems that most religious can't keep it to themselves, and feel the need to direct everyone else, infect the schools, corrupt children, and try to legislate it. Then I have problems.

It is like an illegal drug they get on and enjoy so much that they try to force their friends and contacts to try it.

I have seen this over and over people get "high" on religion and think "WOW this is so good for me everyone should try it!" Unfortunately some of us have seen the downside of the addiction.
I have seen religion used as a force for good and a force for evil.

It is not the religion but the people who take a doctrine and use it for their own personal power ( either political or financial ) that get me.

All great religions have a base in philosophical teaching, it is the perversion of those teaching that causes the problems.

I have no problem with religion I have a problem with religious fanatics and fundamentalists.
Religion has a goal, and that goal is ALWAYS the same...to "save" people. All religions, always. There are no religions that don't have an aspect of salvation built into them. It could come in many forms from "enlightenment" to Heaven...and ALWAYS to save people and nothing else.

Since Salvation is the most important thing there is, everything else takes a back seat to it. So religion's first goal is to save people...even at the expense of all other life on the planet.

This salvation Dogma is the heart of the evil we non-theists observe. If it weren't for the salvation part of religion, all we'd see is a bunch of people believing in a fairy tale. Harmless. But salvation is so important to religion that it justifies everything evil that religion is responsible for...in the eyes of the religious at least.

This is why I'm not only a non-theist, but an anti-salvationist. I'm literally an anti-Christ. Since Jesus Christ's sole purpose on Earth was to save humans from damnation, I'm anti-Christ in the sense that I'm interested in saving all life on the planet, not JUST humans.

I consider myself and animist, an atheist and an anti-salvationist. The term Antichrist is one I savor because it's so scary to Christians...it's not exactly accurate, but it's funny so I embrace it.

This idea that morality is connected in ANY WAY to religion, especially Christianity, is just stupid and offensive. It was biblically moral to own slaves, rape wives and beat children at one point. But it was logic and science that dragged religion into the 21st Century (kicking and screaming as they say) and forced the religion to update its own "morality."

Religion is only as moral as the society in which it flourishes and not the other way around.

At least, that's what I think.
Jim Ashby: The holocaust was (mostly) AGAINST JEWS

Do the arithmatic. I'm a "dirty slav". And I may, or be not, homo.

You no longer surprise me.
I see people doing this constantly... DO NOT use the word religion if speaking in a general sense unless it is clear in the context you are strictly referring to the Abrahamic religions ONLY! Some person on this page started to talk about being antichrist, and that all religions have a dogma to take over the world. This isn't true, which is why I to insist that you should avoid such logical fallacies and general statements because the one who looks stupid is YOU, not the other way around. When presenting facts to support your argument, claim or opinion, do it correctly. You cannot say all religions strive for world domination because it isn't true. A lot of pagan religions for example, are based upon secular views and there is no dogma involved, since the religion is only focused on an INDIVIDUAL level of selfullfilment, not that of an authority.
"A lot of pagan religions for example, are based upon secular views and there is no dogma involved, since the religion is only focused on an INDIVIDUAL level of selfullfilment, not that of an authority."

Could you cite an example of one of these? Or several, since there are "a lot" of them?

This is literally the first time I've ever heard this argument and it sounds a bit fishy to me.

I'm genuinely interested in reading about religions that are as you claim.

I also take offense at you telling me not to use "religion" as a term unless I'm only speaking of the Abrahamic top 3. As far as I'm aware, all religions other than animism are essentially salvationistic in nature.
Ok, about paganism: check up any neo pagan religion (Wicca is a good start along with all odd pagan believers like myself who don't really adhere to a specific set of beliefs) and you'll see this, animism, shamanism and the ilk are more about self fullfilment also, and then we have religions such as Buddhism which is pretty much the same.
Well, I understand animism and shamanism...neither are actually religions with doctrine and dogma. Buddhism in its' westernized form is not the same Buddhism practiced in Asia; there it is very much a salvationist religion.

Paganism is a farmer's religion invoking gods and goddesses, prayers and spirituality (whatever that is supposed to mean)...theism for certain. While it may be unusual for Pagans to utilize dogma, they are absolutely theists.

I think you might be confused about the meaning of atheism.
Yes, but he also in the same text cited ALL religions of the world, and "The word "religion", though, refers to more than the Abrahamic religions...Hinduism. Buddhism. Shinto. Satanism. Zoroastrianism. There are lots", yes, that's my point! Buddhism is about relying upon an authority figure, it's about self fullfilment.

I am serious because I don't like when people make "uneducated" claims. If we here on this forum are for freedom of knowledge, our first priority is to get our knowledge right, no? How can you ever think of fighting against something if you make false claims?

I am not a dictionary police, I was merely stating that he might want to avoid pigeon holing religion and drawing a line religion = Abrahamic religions. I understood his point, but I still wanted to make clear to anyone who was going to post after him.

I never said he was wrong calling himself Antichrist, I said that he starts off with "all religions" then goes into pigeon holing religion into = Christianity.

Well, I thought people knew enough about it so no need to show any evidence? I gave you some examples to the poster above you. I can't think of any neopagan religion which isn't about selfulfillment.
atheism means non-theism...no gods in any form...no afterlife/spirit/soul/heaven/hell, etc.

religion = theism

All forms of theism are religion.

Self fulfillment is often a watered down version of salvation. Other terms for salvation include: absolution, atonement, conservation, deliverance, emancipation, extrication, liberation, mainstay, manumission, nirvana, preservation, redemption. Dressing it up by calling it "selfulfillment" doesn't change that.
And I rephrase, Wicca is a neo pagan religion, thus theistic. Still, you can see nothing like "absolution, atonement, conservation, deliverance, emancipation, extrication, liberation, mainstay, manumission, nirvana, preservation, redemption. Dressing it up by calling it "selfulfillment"" in that.
I'm sorry, then what's the point of one practicing a neo pagan religion? If not for some form of salvation, then what exactly? What's the point.




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