I live in the bible belt and we have a “christian “ university fondly nicknamed “jesus tech”. I’m selling my old Ford pickup. A guy from “tech” comes by to look at it. I had my iPod on. He got around to asking me what I was listening to (probably looking to witness). I said “Ministry”. A huge grin came over his face. He asked me which one it was. I said “Cold Life”. He looked puzzled but must have thought it was a sermon to lost souls or some shit. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was the rock group Ministry.

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Actually I didn’t get into any sort of discussion about it. These people are for the most part close minded and discussions fall on deaf ears. I don't know if you are aware of one of the (many) black eyes in Ky called the “Creation Museum”. If you want to read stuff that will make your jaw drop, google it and see what is being taught as quasi science. The “science” is absurd but what is more sad and at the same time frightening is that there are people who beieve this stuff. We have our work cut out for us.
In an ironic twist on your story, when my uncle was in the military, religious groups used to pray on frightened lonely young military men to boost their membership. When Jehovah's Witnesses came to his door - constantly - he would act like he thought they were there to see his old beater car. He acted like he thought they were answering his ad and start showing them the car.
that’s too good. Hooray for your Dad




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