Bands, genres. Name it all!

There are few metalgenres I don't enjoy that much, metalcore and pure doom would be two of those. I have outgrown most power metal and all its siblings as well as heavy metal and thrash, and goth never did that much to me.

Everything else though, I swallow whole.

My favorite bands would be Insomnium and Kamelot. For more information, check ;)

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Don't know either. Different, certainly...
Well, symphonic as a whole is a very broad term. Is seldom applied alone but rather as a definition of a subgenre. However, there are some great power metal bands out there with symphonic influences like Epica. You might want to try out bands like Symphony X also. Use a lot of symphonic elements. Newer records of Graveworm could also be of interest, though they mix symphonic elements with black metal. A lot of Finnish bands use symphonic elements, and Sonata Arctica certainly comes to mind.

I think you might like some prog music like Dream Theater, too. There's also this a capella band called VanCanto. A little funky and certainly original. If you like bands like Theater of Tragedy Leaves' Eyes will certainly be of interest, as it is compromized of old ToT members.

Also, both newer Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir use a lot of symphonic elements although they are broadening to extreme unless you are used to that sort of metal. New Eternal Tears of Sorrow might also sound interesting. I think Evergrey are farfetched but might work. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy, The Black Mages is a must too! They make rock/metal compositions of FF music which borders to being symphonic in certain cases.

Well, I think that was a starter anyway. I can probably think of more.
Wow...lots to keep me busy! I think Sonata Arctica is supposed to open for Nightwish next week, so I'll see if I like them. :)
Ahhh. I'm excited! I bought these tickets back in May....and now finally tonight I'm driving home for this concert. My boyfriend's excited too; he should be, I'm the one who got him into Nightwish.
Scratch that. Anette is still sick, so they cancelled. Well, Sonata Arctica did a free set, which was good. But still, I'm bummed; who knows when they'll come back around here?
Nothing wrong with Christian bands as long they keep it to themselves (which tehy do most of the time).

We should first of all appreciate their music, then care if their ideologies are too much :)
Sadly. I wish pagans could do that too so my parents would feel enforced to buy that music for me!
I remember back in the late 80's early 90's you would see these Xtian t-shirts where they would play on the name of a metal band and use their logo font. Examples , instead of Slayer , it would read Savior. Megadeth, would be megalife. That shit was hilarious. Does anyone know if they still do rip offs like that for bands today?
I listen to Horde. They are Christian, too, but they have really good stuff.
I mainly listen to old school speed, thrash or death metal. Slayer, deicide, testament, motorhead and quite a few others. Though lately I have been listening to a lot of old punk, DRI and Suicidal etc. I got rid of my satelite radio, so I haven't heard much of the new metal .
There are too many to list, but here are a few. Great group btw!

I of course love the "classics", Sabbath,Pentagram, Slayer, Metallica (first 4 albums), Maiden, Pantera, Sepultura (first 3 albums). I love almost all doom, but Electric Wizard is probably my favorite modern doom/stoner band. Early Katatonia and October Tide I like. I love Opeth nearly unconditionally. Lately I've been listening to Type O Negative and I'm surprised at how much I like them...

I listen to death metal in short doses, but Bloodbath's "Nightmares Made Flesh" kicks a lot of ass.
Isn't it? ;)

And yes, Bloodbath ftw. I have yet to download their new CD though :/




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