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Really? That's the ONLY reason? lol. Know What I love about Palin?

Ahh Yes....the GOOD Palin.
I don't even know what to say anymore. She is so clearly out of her league. Can't even answer the most basic questions. Thinks that being able to see Russia from Alaska makes her qualified in foreign policy. Meantime, I'm sitting here waiting for the dems to wake up and start fighting back. I'm not even sure if they can combat the all American god-fearing super mom image that Palin has created.
The bad thing about that is that anyone with ANY knowledge of other countries knows that the eastern side of Russia is unpopulated. The west side of Russia is where almost all Russians live.
Palin is so clearly and blatantly uneducated, inexperienced, ignorant of the world at large, driven by a belief that extends beyond law and reason and a neophyte in domestic and foreign affairs, war mongering, and anti-muslim that she can not conscientiously believe that she would be adept at running the country. I am appalled at her nomination. Simply appalled. I see no redeeming qualities in her. None.
I cannot mention one foreign minister you had during the past 50 years. Condolezza Rice was hardly a perfect match either... and more or less lacking the same traits Palin does.
This woman is downright scary. But what's even more terrifying, to me, is that someone this lacking in qualifications can get so close to the presidency. I can't wait to see the rest of Charlie Gibson's interview with her on 20/20 tonight.
Did you see the 20/20 interview? Palin struggled with the most basic questions regarding economics and policy.
I saw it and was astounded at Palin's ignorance and self-righteousness, something that just becomes clearer and clearer as the campaign goes on. You talk about a 'perfect storm'... how else can anyone explain how a disaster like her is even being considered for VP?
Of course, now the "spin" is saying that Palin knew SO much about the Bush doctrine that she tried to answer the most important aspect of Charles Gibson's question. What an embarrassment.
She also reiterated her knowledge of foreign affairs by stating that one could actually see Russia from Alaska...WTF?
Her stance on abortion alone is so misogynistic it makes my skin crawl. Back alley butchers are sharpening their coat-hangers as she speaks. States should handle this she says...really?...what about poor women who can not afford to travel outside their neanderthal state where abortion is illegal?
This candidate is very dangerous to a freedom loving America and I hope people wake up and smell the Bible she is thumping before it's too late.
to me the problem lies that she is willing to try and turn the story to suit the people who are listening.

If she came out and actually said what she believed, as she did in the church to a friendly audience, she knows she would be dead in the water.

So she says one thing then spins it into something different to make it more appealing.

This woman is a dangerous habitual lier and manipulator in my opinion.
Now come on, Douglas, fess up - you're really just a little, teensy-bit in love with her, aren't you?




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