You just gotta love targeted advertising some times.

Well everyone, I think I've been convinced. I guess I should delete my account now.

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Unfortunately, we do not have any control over what ads Google puts on our site. This is part of the reason we title those sections "Bill Payers." Even when we block particular websites, there are scores more that take their place. There is one positive way to look at it. All these sites are helping to pay for our site. So we can thank the Christians, Scientologists, and astrologers. Just the thought, kinda gives me warm fuzzies.
Oh, no worries. I wasn't complaining. (After all, they gave me "the facts"!)

I just found it funny.

Praise Xenu!
Are You A Real Atheist? ...Test If You Have The God Gene
Are you fuckin' kidding me?!!! That is so LOL. The dumb fucks have not a tiny bloody clue as to how genes work, of course if they did understand at least a little, then that website would not exist...
Oh man. I had a case of gullible once. It was so bad they had to do an emergency amputation. There was blood everywhere.

Yep. And say "Hallelujah!" But use the Hametic alphabet.


It takes a few minutes of rational consideration and then one might come to realize that those bits, tasteless or otherwise, are indeed "Bill Payers."

Oh, well. That is a three year old problem/question. And I was so ready to ask about this:

One of my ham radio disbelievin' buddies, after I caught on to this site, pointed out the bible study advert. I went back and checked. Yep. I could put that on the wall with my SubGenius ordination certificate, my Universal Life Church ordination, my Honorable Discharge from the USN, my 1000 Miles per Watt QRP award, my ham radio license and Uncle Igor's 1942 Mosin-Nagant.


And yes, I know: It's an advertising bit from Google that helps pay for my carping. And for all my carping, I figure I'm pretty damn reasonable.


So I still think it's funny . . . except for the $cientology advert. Them guys is really weird. (He said, having been a SP and then Fair Game.)




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