Is Jesus the answer to America’s problems?

This reaction to Governor Palin of Alaska seems to point to the answer of the above question to be “yes.”

Can anyone take a look at the history of the Evangelicals and see a solution to our problems in America other than to bring on Armageddon and the end of times? Is the rapture the solution that the American voters will vote for on November 4th?

I listened very carefully to Gov. Huckabee’s campaign and it was based on an Amendment to the Constitution to bring the words of Jesus Christ into the Constitution itself. He had the backing from many States in the Bible belt. Has Gov. Sarah Palin picked this up for her own campaign to be able to lead in case of the death or retirement of Senator McCain?

Evangelical history shows that anything done in the name of Jesus Christ is justified and many of these militant bible thumpers will see to it that anyone with an Evangelical background will be in the White House at any cost or essential action.

Will the rest of us non-evangelicals simply be sacrificed in His name to bring on the rapture promised to the Christian people of the world?

Is this how America will end? If it cannot be done in 2008, will it be done in stages by allowing the public and private schools to teach the New Testament and the promise of the rapture? Will we see the new government build up an army and nuclear weapons to destroy Islam and then Israel? Then and only then can these Evangelical people be accepted into the kingdom of heaven. Are we really any better than Militant Islam?

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I find it very scary, this. The fact that people, politicians, want to reinstate religion as a part of the state. Particularly since the US is one of the world's leading countries still, it could take a very nasty turn. I mean, can't people think rationally enough to understand that praying to Jesus in these matters changes NOTHING? Just like it changed nothing for those poor Jews who prayed to god during the Holocaust.




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