Hello, I've never posted here before.
I understand that Palin's church (Assembly of God?) teaches young earth creationism. Does anyone think there is a chance she will be asked how old she believes the earth is at some point during the campaign? I hope so. I think it could potentially be something that Obama could use against her, especially if he gets desperate. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

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I believe because of the corporate-zionist control of the MSM that no such question will be asked. I hope that I am wrong, but this election cycle has been professionally manipulated.......
Even if it were to be asked she'd skirt the question. She's already done it on the Iraq war where. There's video of her saying it's mission from god (not sure if I have the wording right) yet in the Gibson interview she says she wouldn't presume to know what God wants.

(FYI, this post would have been better in the Politics forum)
I hope he doesn't get that desperate, but I think that line has already been crossed. It's all just fluff anyway and would hope both sides would stick to real issues.




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