Can you be both anti-theist and spiritual? I'm not sure what i believe. I'm not sure where i stand, but it seems that most people who call themselves Atheists also reject any form of 'world' beyond our perception. To put it another way, who here believes in Heaven?

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No, belief is not intrinsically 'blind'. My belief that America exists (I have not checked personally) is based on an overwhelmingly large body of mostly consistent evidence.

OTOH, the concept of heaven's properties (what is it like?, how do you get there? who gets there?) seem to vary greatly depending on who you ask (muslims, christans of every flavour, …). And none of these properties is testable. In fact it is possible to construct an infinite number of heavens all of which have unique properties that make them incompatible. But since these hypothetic heavens are not testable they are all equally (un-)likely. Thats the ultimate of arbitrary.

That does not mean that one of these (or any other) could not be the "One True Heaven(tm)", but exploring a concept like this is, unless done for entertainment purposes, a complete waste of time.

Something else: the idea that "everything has a purpose" is one of the cardinal mistakes religions make. They see a tree and conclude that it was made just for the purpose of spending them shade.
With the exception of Asian religions where the tree itself as a spirit and thus has its own life and purpose of life :) It is not there to primarly support humans, it was there as a spirit before human's existence. Why is it that the Abrahamic religions differ so much on this notion, despite Asian religions and the Abrahamic almost started in the same area of the world?

People just want to describe the mushy feelings they get about the world around them. They also like to *believe* in stuff like karmatic (sp?) justice, and that our little actions have far-reaching consequences.

It kind of annoys me to hear the term tossed around, but on the other hand, I can understand where they're coming from. I love visiting places where there are cave paintings and rock drawings, for example, and contemplating the passage of the seasons and how important it used to be for people to pay attention to nature. It's still important, but we're more easily able to ignore the seasons and the weather these days.

It's fun to find patterns and notice coincidences in events and such, but I'm always aware that when I do so, I'm indulging in supernatural thinking. "So many moody people at work today- oh yeah, must be the full moon," that kind of thing.

I got a money charm from Chinatown a few months ago, and right after putting it on my wallet, we got a five-figure check from Unclaimed Funds. Granted, that check was a couple years in the works (filling out forms etc.) but I have fun telling people about the charm! Do I sincerely believe it? No. I tell grown-ups this story; if I ever tell a kid, it would include a disclaimer.

People's actions change themselves, and in that sense there's karma.  Being good or evil affects our connection with the rest of humanity, and we do better when that connection has love in it.


Being spiritual is "Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things: I’m responsible for his spiritual welfare" according to Oxford Online dictionary.

Atheists do not believe in the existence of human soul. An atheist therefore cannot be spiritual.

Atheists do not believe in the existence of human soul

I do. Unfortunately our souls are mortal, so far as I know.




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