This was a letter to the editor in our local paper today.

From Cumberland-Times News

Search hearts, brains for answers
To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

I read the article in today’s paper (“Scientists beaming after test of big atom smasher,” Sept. 11) about the scientists beaming about the big atom smasher.

I have heard it all now and I am sure I will be attacked from all angles. All of the intellects will be rushing to call me stupid. I am just an uneducated wife and mother, although I have a business that is very honorable and has paid our bills for 24 years.

Now, before you attack me, I hope you give all of the following great thought and see where your trillions of dollars are being spent. I am sure we, the taxpayers, have paid for most of it and it is a total humiliating waste of our money and your time. It certainly would feed the world many meals and be helpful in finding cures for the many health problems that humans have created. (You see, in the Garden of Eden there were no health issues, but man had to mess that up right away).

So you have a machine that can blow up tiny particles after 20 years of research. When you did the big bang did it create a sun and a moon and the Earth in between placed in just the exact perfect location to give the soon to come animal particles and plant particles and monkeys and fish and worms just the right vitamins and warmth so that we could evolve from these tiny creatures?

Will your sun give us the perfect warmth all around our world so it will not scorch us to death? Will your moon also give us light and the cool of the night so the plants and animals cool down? Will your bang machine also create gravity so that we don’t fall off?

Oh, and most important, will it command the oceans that they cannot come onto land and wipe us away? Then you need to add the pure water that comes from the cloud formations above the earth that give us the most bang for our bucks because without the pure water we are all dead.

Then if you are able to accomplish all of these marvelous things after spending our tax dollars, will your machine be able to give humans one distinctive gene that no other creature on earth will have? Giving us perfect dominion over all of the earth as the smartest creatures? And I am amazed that you can create trillions of trillions of galaxies trillions of trillions of light years into space and form beautiful stars to light up our night sky so we can enjoy light.

Also, while you are at it would you find out why lots of monkeys decided to stay monkeys instead of having a home, car and job and a spouse and children? I can’t imagine preferring to hang from a tree and run for your life so you don’t get eaten when you could be a human and help to pay for this wonderful Big Bang Machine.

I am not an intellectual by any means and I know your great minds will find a way to answer all of the above plus more jargon to confuse our wonderful children’s minds but you need to really search your hearts and your brains and realistically put all of this into the right perspective.

The Big Bang that you didn’t hear was God’s voice when He spoke the Word and created the Heavens and the Earth. You make it all so complicated when it is so very easy. God loves us and created this beautiful universe for us. Yes, we need to take better care of it but trust me and trust God’s word that this will all be here and is His to do with what He will and it was never man’s idea. As I am sure you have heard thousands of times before, blow up a can of soda and you don’t get a bunch of perfectly formed sodas in tact but what you get is a totally destroyed can of soda and a bunch of tiny sharp objects that are worth nothing.

I thank God for this beautiful Earth, the air I breathe, my eyes to see, and most of all the incredible husband, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that he gave me to love and enjoy for many years. I don’t know about you but my ancestors were not monkeys. My family is far too beautiful to me to come from anything other than God Himself.

Barbara Snyder



She's right about being uneducated and not being an intellectual.

Welcome to western Maryland.

Have at it folks.

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She complains about tax payers dollars on this, but she doesn't talk about the bloated war budget that we have which is more than half of the worlds war budget
Yeah, no shit. Less than one month in Iraq would pay for the entire LHC. At least the LHC is advancing the human race.
Anyone else get the impression that she doesn't think monkeys have offspring?

I hope the paper prints a response to this letter.
Yeah...and the fact that they chose not to evolve enough to have cars, jobs, homes, and spouses. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to have a car, job, or home!

So I guess monkeys sit around all day, living forever (cause they're still around despite not having offspring) not doing shit.
Or simply throwing It beats spewing it out your cake hole like this imbecile!
Let's give the money to the churches instead, because then the money will be used for something useful! /sarcasm
I want to see what a plant and animal particles look like!
1. You should be "attacked from all angles". Ignorance should be exposed, not allowed to spread like a virus.

2. The LHC did not cost "trillions" of dollars. This shows extreme ignorance and is laughable. The total cost is somewhere under $10 billion, equivilent to the cost one month of US occupation of Iraq. In my opinion, it's a pretty good deal for the largest and most complex machine ever built by humans. I'm sure this old bag is a Bush sympathizer who supports the "war" anyway.

3. The cost in labor and hard money was shared by over 60 countries.

4. "humiliating waste of our money and your time" - Since when has learning and exploration been a waste of time and money? Ignorance is what should be humiliating and embarrassing.

5. Yes, the money spent on the LHC could have fed people meals. We can both build the LHC and feed the hungry. Most chose to ignore the hungry though. Maybe the Vatican can give up some of the billions in rakes in every year and feed the hungry. Yeah, they feed the hungry now but I think it's a balance between spending as little as possible and getting good PR.

6. Ooohh, a Garden of Eden reference. While we're referencing the OT let's ask her if she partakes in animal sacrifices as described in Leviticus.

7. "So you have a machine that can blow up tiny particles after 20 years of research." More ignorance here. Particle colliders have been around for quite a while. It's not like this is the first one that was ever built.

8. "When you did the big bang did..." Hahaha, WTF? The LHC isn't supposed to create stars, galaxies, and monkeys. They're looking for the Higgs for Dog's sake. Does she think that scientists say that stars and galaxies exploded out of the big bang? Maybe she should stick to fairy tales and superstition which is easier to understand.

9. What is an animal and plant particle?

10. "And I am amazed that you can create trillions of trillions of galaxies trillions of trillions of light years into space..." There are billions of known galaxies not trillions. Observable matter is spread over 93 billion light years.

11. Yes, why indeed did those monkeys decide to stay in the trees and not drive cars and live in homes? I don't have the energy to respond to this insanity.

12. "...more jargon to confuse our wonderful children’s minds..." Sounds almost like she is against kids getting an education if it means they have to learn jargon. Want a confused mind? Try religion.

13. "You make it all so complicated when it is so very easy." I agree, ignorance IS easy.

14. The whole blow up a can of soda thing sounds like some dementia seeping through. Well, actually that would be the whole letter not just the soda can part. And no, I haven't heard that thousands of times before Mrs. Crazy Lady.

There are fundie letters in this paper about every week but this one is the most wacky so far. She doesn't seem to have the slightest idea what the LHC is for. I guess FoxNews ran story saying that the evil intellectuals were trying to kill god with it so she freaked out.

I'm all for free speech and such but, god damn! What won't they print? Now this moronic rant that they printed will be read by some other guilable morons who will think "wow, I hadn't thought of that" and the country will get a little bit dumber.

Maybe this lady would like to give up some things that all these intellectuals and scientists have discovered and created that has allowed her to live to see great grandchildren. How much medication is the typical great grandmother on? Throw out your meds and pray for good health. Lets see how far that get you. Then turn off your electric and shut off your indoor plumbing. Those things are just the devil's work right?
Once again, y'all are so lucky that I'm not a fundie.
If I was, I'd be rooting for total destruction of the earth because we're seriously overdue for the prophesies in the book of Revelations to come true.
If I were a fundie, I'd be hoping for a giant earth-rending explosion that releases all of this light and fire and everything, because that's one of the things that we'd have to go through before the End of Times can begin and we all can start our new lives with Jesus, right?
And wouldn't that be appropriate for some faithless scientists to be the cause of all this?
So, it's all good, right?
I gotta go back and read Revelations again. This is some hot stuff.
I'm embarrassed to admit I used to live in Maryland, but at least I was much further east than that. I was near Annapolis, which is more rational (though still very much atop the Bible Belt).

That letter goes to show how utterly maniacal some people can get when they feel their religious beliefs are being challenged by the reality-based world. I'd hate to be in a dark alley with one of them when they are feeling cornered by rationality. I probably wouldn't come out alive.
Yeah, they're kinda bad out this way. We get letters in the paper telling people to refer to scripture for answers. Laughable.
Brb, dying.

Barbara Snyder, prepare for the hate mail!




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