Yeah, so I am stuck in the Panhandle of Florida, or lower Alabama as many call it. If it wasn't for the incredibly beautiful beaches, and a great job, I'd really want to move out of here. The theitardery that goes on here is simply amazing!

So, come november, Amendment 2 is up on the ballot. Basically this is the "Marriage Amendment" bull that the far right use to bring out the masses. Now the local pastors are reving up their intollerant masses:

Not only that, but these gems of literature were published in the opinion section:
Called By god:
Palin: god's pick:

Needless to say, I dispair more and more being a rational thinker. And what gets me down more are the comments some folks make on these stories. It's simply amazing to read the vile filth they write in the name of their god(s).

So, what do you do if you live in an area like this to keep from going into a deep dispair (or on a homicidal ramapge)?

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These are the same people that drive below the speed limit in the left lane with the blinker on, right? Yeah, total fucktards!

Nice word, I like it. You have Loki's blessing to use it!
Quote: Sarah Palin has many secret weapons. She is the real deal, a woman fully surrendered to Christ. She can appeal to God and instantly gain His attention.

What I don't understand is why, when you have Gods' home number on fast dial, you even need an election?

I mean if God is telling you what's best for everyone why go to all that unnecessary expense?
That's a good question Paul! I wonder if Larian can link to those letters after the election (hoping it goes the way of reason). Would be fun to rub their faces in it!
I plan to! Not mean spiritiedly (at least I won't try to be mean) but will ask them about the lack of results should Obama (hopefully) win.
All is not lost Michael. Even though Florida may be fucktards, there are other states that have at least an ounce of smarts. Hopefully they can make up for FL and our electile dysfunction. And make sure YOU vote too! The few of us in FL could make the difference!
In a fit of depression your article inspired me to write "The United States Of America - One Nation, Sinking under God?"

I'm not sure how it'll be received...
People like that create people like us. We would hardly have to be us if it wasn't for them. I like to try to tell religious zealots that they should concentrate on the environment instead of letting politicians keep democrats and republicans fighting over morality like pit bulls. If they believe God made this planet and everyone and everything on it, what are they doing fighting with God's human creations while politicians rob us of our money and big companies pollute our land. I think they respond better to that than to being called f---tards. It's my personal campaign to change their minds. When you call people names, you make enemies. When you persuade people to change their minds you make progress. Consider that. If we're smarter than them, let's prove it by outsmarting them.
Well said. Generally the name calling is reserved for "good company" instead of to their face. I can only take so much frustration in dealing with them, and I just need to blow off steam.

Do you mind if I "plagiarize" your sentiments? :)
It's kinda sad when the Republican VP pick makes so little sense that some of the supporters have started to suspect that "God" must have done it!

As far as the election goes all is not lost. Right now Obama is far enough ahead in the projections that even if he only takes the "stong democrat" and "weak democrat" votes he'll win. I live in a very liberal area so you'll have to excuse my optimism.
And here is the eventual reply: I am surprised that the regularly religious folks never once bothered to comment on it. Okay, maybe not!




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