Does anyone else worry that the Raytractors are pushing Terry Burton to his limit? I mean, sure it's funny to watch him perform mental gymnastics to bring some sort of bizarre sense to his surreality, but do we really think it's a progressive and helpful thing to actively push him towards that edge?

The man clearly needs help, and us taunting him to the degree that we do (myself included, though I haven't done much lately) could really make the man snap.

What are your thoughts?

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Sometimes you gotta turn up the heat and boil the stupid out.
Fair enough, but if we push him and push him and push him... what if he actually lashes out?

That's a fallacy, sure. But we taunt him mercilessly. We really don't let up on him, and everyone has noticed the lunacy ramping up higher. Isn't it worrisome?


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