The Deadline for Entries has been extended until October 31, 2008

Hey All,

Today we launch the first of a two part contest to build a better Atheist Nexus.



With 4000+ members, Atheist Nexus has quickly become one of the largest social networking sites in the world. Don't you think it's about time we look like it? I sure do. We desperately need a face lift, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, and of course, you can't be an online community without a breast augmentation.

So, in a nutshell, we need to redesign our whole site. I hate catch phrases, but we need to look more "Web 2.0." So, we begin today with a contest to create our new logo. If you have any design talent, feel free to enter. The logo needs to be simple but modern, basic yet unique. Beyond that, it's all up to you. You don't have any color restrictions, because we will be changing the layout to match the logo.

For your inspiration, sample "2.0 logos" are included at the bottom of this post. You should also read this Wikipedia article on logo design, and browse through this A|N forum discussion.


This contest is void where prohibited. All submissions, and winning entries will become the sole property of Atheist Nexus. The entry must be your original design, and not a copy. All entries are subject to copyright laws, and A|N will not be held liable for any entry found to be in violation.

There is no limit to how many logos you can submit. Simply submit each entry as a unique reply to this discussion in a bitmap format (transparent PNG preferred). If your logo is chosen as a finalist, it must have a vector graphics source (SVG preferred), If you need it, a good (and free) software vector graphics application is inkscape. It can handle SVG and PNG exports. The dimensions are up to you as long as it is scalable.

Entries must be posted by Sunday, October 19th October 31, 2008. On October 20th November 1st, the top five entries will be posted on the front page of Atheist Nexus. There will also be a poll set up for member voting. The voting will last until October 31st November 15th, and the winner will be chosen and posted by November 1st December 1st. Hopefully, this winning logo will become the actual logo of Atheist Nexus. However, there is no guarantee of this.

Once a new logo has been chosen, the second contest will begin to update our CSS and site layout.


Besides the obvious prestige of being featured as the "Coolest A|N Member," we will also throw in two tickets to paradise.

If you are a member who would like to donate to the prize pool, contact us. We will post all additional prizes here as well.

Good Luck!

Brother Richard

Follow up: October 5, 2008

Wow! There has been some absolutely tremendous entries so far. Bravo!

Remember these three things:

1. We are trying to go Web 2.0 (Unique and Simple). Look at the samples.
2. We more than likely will be going to a white background. So create with this in mind.
3. You only have to work with the words: Atheist Nexus. You don't necessarily have to work in the others.

Keep it up!

Follow Up: October 6, 2008

7 Ingredients Of Good Corporate Design

Attention submitters: Read this great article to get some tips on how to design the logo we need.

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The only issue I have with this is that I think that the globe \ earth logo is overused and as a result kind of cliché, and because of this, lacks specific character. However, I have never seen a globe logo like this with a white base. This is one of the better globe logos I have seen and like. The first issue I raise though may be a concern.
I've always advocated a globe logo (although I also like some of the other non-globe submissions). This globe seems to me to have some 'human like' forms hidden in it. A bit like spotting faces in clouds. I can see a big guy pointing a gun at a little guy in the 'landforms' above. This makes me wonder whether this might be developed. A globe with 'landforms' but shaped to have a kind of sub-textual symbolic meaning. Perhaps something like Michaelangelo's painting where Adam is reaching up to God, but with God's hand omitted from the painting - perhaps something else in it's place?

It doesn't necessarily have to be a religious painting. I just thought of this because the figures do kinda look like 'land forms'.

Anyway, just an idea for any of your clever arty people out there.
Hey, that's a great idea.
agreed, too bad we are running out of time.
Just a little variations in the line width on the text, and i fixed the shadow problem with the nexus.

Hi everyone. I have just signed up for this site today and immediately wanted to participate in this opportunity. It's a bunch of ideas that are thrown together to show possibilites in either style or usage change. The Main thing I want to submit is the six spoked logo shape and the word nexus. The word atheist is not developed and I just put something in to fill it. The point that I'm trying to make with the six spoked design is the theme of a meeting point for unity or community. I provided three versions of this shape that include a colored one, solid black, inverse, and a clustered one. I also later noticed that solid shape looks like a cross that has been crossed out by a line. This could tie in with the theme of an "atheist meeting place". Please let me know what you think the possibilites for this are. This is something I made quickly on the spot so please be gentle.
Here is the file. I think it disappeared from my original posting.

very nice. That is simple, easily reproducible, and original enough to be instantly recognized.
This probably shouldn't qualify because it was inspired by existing responses. It would survive well as a tiny web icon.

I definately like the design but the white background is way too bright. I hope theyll change the background color since its difficult to read with bright white background on laptop or computer. i can imagine this with black background- its soothing to the eyes. you know most of us use laptops and type in the dark. the white is like havin a flash light in your face. anyway, great design and this could be the champion. i did my design and just gave myself baggy eyes and uncomfortable visions.... perhaps i should wear a shade next time. LOL good job O2.
Works on different colored backgrounds, and also on white. Degrades nicely to grayscale and can even go down to B&W. The "X and sphere" bug can be pulled out to use as a bullet. Created in Corel Draw with gradient fills and a raster drop shadow.

I like it!



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