The Deadline for Entries has been extended until October 31, 2008

Hey All,

Today we launch the first of a two part contest to build a better Atheist Nexus.



With 4000+ members, Atheist Nexus has quickly become one of the largest social networking sites in the world. Don't you think it's about time we look like it? I sure do. We desperately need a face lift, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, and of course, you can't be an online community without a breast augmentation.

So, in a nutshell, we need to redesign our whole site. I hate catch phrases, but we need to look more "Web 2.0." So, we begin today with a contest to create our new logo. If you have any design talent, feel free to enter. The logo needs to be simple but modern, basic yet unique. Beyond that, it's all up to you. You don't have any color restrictions, because we will be changing the layout to match the logo.

For your inspiration, sample "2.0 logos" are included at the bottom of this post. You should also read this Wikipedia article on logo design, and browse through this A|N forum discussion.


This contest is void where prohibited. All submissions, and winning entries will become the sole property of Atheist Nexus. The entry must be your original design, and not a copy. All entries are subject to copyright laws, and A|N will not be held liable for any entry found to be in violation.

There is no limit to how many logos you can submit. Simply submit each entry as a unique reply to this discussion in a bitmap format (transparent PNG preferred). If your logo is chosen as a finalist, it must have a vector graphics source (SVG preferred), If you need it, a good (and free) software vector graphics application is inkscape. It can handle SVG and PNG exports. The dimensions are up to you as long as it is scalable.

Entries must be posted by Sunday, October 19th October 31, 2008. On October 20th November 1st, the top five entries will be posted on the front page of Atheist Nexus. There will also be a poll set up for member voting. The voting will last until October 31st November 15th, and the winner will be chosen and posted by November 1st December 1st. Hopefully, this winning logo will become the actual logo of Atheist Nexus. However, there is no guarantee of this.

Once a new logo has been chosen, the second contest will begin to update our CSS and site layout.


Besides the obvious prestige of being featured as the "Coolest A|N Member," we will also throw in two tickets to paradise.

If you are a member who would like to donate to the prize pool, contact us. We will post all additional prizes here as well.

Good Luck!

Brother Richard

Follow up: October 5, 2008

Wow! There has been some absolutely tremendous entries so far. Bravo!

Remember these three things:

1. We are trying to go Web 2.0 (Unique and Simple). Look at the samples.
2. We more than likely will be going to a white background. So create with this in mind.
3. You only have to work with the words: Atheist Nexus. You don't necessarily have to work in the others.

Keep it up!

Follow Up: October 6, 2008

7 Ingredients Of Good Corporate Design

Attention submitters: Read this great article to get some tips on how to design the logo we need.

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I agree, I like this one best out of all of them, including over my own submissions.
well, I take that back, I still do also like my submission:

At least we have some to choose from. :)
I think the new logo should look Sci Fi. It would be awesome if it took inspiration from Tron, Star Wars, 2001, and had robots, space ships, or planets and stars. It should also somehow demonstrate that we all have awesome Ninja skills and high charisma.
I'm sorry but I refuse to dress like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - even for the atheist cause! ;-)
An atom has as much to do with atheism as evolution. Actually, an atom conveys everything we know about science. I'm not trying to call you out for having bad taste. On the contrary, I think you have come up with a number of good designs. I just don't see how yours have more relevance than the latest by marcoder.

A logo should have, first and foremost, immediate impact. It should also be visually pleasing to look at and memorable. It should also convey what the company is about, but it is not necessary (see IBM, Google, BBC, eBay and others above).

If you take away all the photoshop effects of the logo that marcoder created, it still has an immediate impact, is visually appealing and memorable. It's a successful design. Anyway, the "photoshop effects" add to my conception of web 2.0. But like you said, there is no design criteria for web 2.0 and it is subjective.
I agree with Lars mostly. And DennisK's points about impact/memorable are important of course as well. THe mark has to do both I feel -- define the group and have impact--don't know what that is mind you. : )

My comps were super quickies, but all my thoughts were focused on representing a coming together point. A meeting place. A connection or Link. The nexus right? The X shape to me could represent two arrows or faces pointing to each other and that iconography could be explored. That's just one avenue though.

All explanations/justifications aside, and trying to look on it as a non-member would, to me the atom/orbit deal says we're a organization of godless scientists. I think it (the blk/orange art) totally kicks a** and sure WE get it, but i think we need to say more to the 'layman' about what we really are. Especially since we're so new. Don't we?

Giant companies can afford a certain amount of vaguery imo, but for us coming on the scene we should convey what we are at a glance if possible to eliminate confusion. Xians are idiots right?

just my .02 as a long time art director older dude
I agree, but I do think our logo can afford a certain amount of vaguery to allow for the diversity of atheists, as atheists come in many forms. Atheism alone stands for nothing more but ones lack of belief in a god, or lack of belief that there is even something to disbelieve in. It does not necessarily stand for the different things WE DO believe in that aren't necessarily inclusive to atheism, but are rather common. Also it should be vague enough to allow for the diversity of Agnostics, Brights, Freethinkers, Humanists & Skeptics. It will be after all, our substance, our function, and positions that define the form of what ever logo we choose.
Exactly. If you look at any successful logo design there is usually some vagueness about them. In many logos the concept matching it to their type of business is conceptual and most people don't get it anyway. There are also many successful logo designs that are strictly logotypes (having only fonts).

There is no way I can think of that would represent wholly what atheists believe. If you strictly view it as no religion then how do you represent religion? A dove, cross, halo, kufic script, buddha, etc. are not inclusive of all religions and individually would not be enough to show what atheism truly is.

There are a number of really good designs that would boost the image of this site. Now we have to chose.

No way, this has to speak to the sci fi crowd. It should have silver and laser blue lettering and robotic space turtles playing laser tag between the letters. And it should be on a black backdrop with stars. Or all the words should look like old fashion computer lettering. The words should be perched on moon rocks, and it should have 2001 theme music.
I'll go along with that, sounds good to me!
re: "No way, this has to speak to the sci fi crowd" (Goodie Faithless)
I completely disagree. Personally, I would much rather see atheists present themselves to the world in a modern, mature way.

IMO, the logo should say:
friendly, modern, mature, approachable, in touch, natural, welcoming, pure

rather than (for example)
alternative, different, futuristic, industrial, retro, fashion concious, racey, etc




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