The Deadline for Entries has been extended until October 31, 2008

Hey All,

Today we launch the first of a two part contest to build a better Atheist Nexus.



With 4000+ members, Atheist Nexus has quickly become one of the largest social networking sites in the world. Don't you think it's about time we look like it? I sure do. We desperately need a face lift, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, and of course, you can't be an online community without a breast augmentation.

So, in a nutshell, we need to redesign our whole site. I hate catch phrases, but we need to look more "Web 2.0." So, we begin today with a contest to create our new logo. If you have any design talent, feel free to enter. The logo needs to be simple but modern, basic yet unique. Beyond that, it's all up to you. You don't have any color restrictions, because we will be changing the layout to match the logo.

For your inspiration, sample "2.0 logos" are included at the bottom of this post. You should also read this Wikipedia article on logo design, and browse through this A|N forum discussion.


This contest is void where prohibited. All submissions, and winning entries will become the sole property of Atheist Nexus. The entry must be your original design, and not a copy. All entries are subject to copyright laws, and A|N will not be held liable for any entry found to be in violation.

There is no limit to how many logos you can submit. Simply submit each entry as a unique reply to this discussion in a bitmap format (transparent PNG preferred). If your logo is chosen as a finalist, it must have a vector graphics source (SVG preferred), If you need it, a good (and free) software vector graphics application is inkscape. It can handle SVG and PNG exports. The dimensions are up to you as long as it is scalable.

Entries must be posted by Sunday, October 19th October 31, 2008. On October 20th November 1st, the top five entries will be posted on the front page of Atheist Nexus. There will also be a poll set up for member voting. The voting will last until October 31st November 15th, and the winner will be chosen and posted by November 1st December 1st. Hopefully, this winning logo will become the actual logo of Atheist Nexus. However, there is no guarantee of this.

Once a new logo has been chosen, the second contest will begin to update our CSS and site layout.


Besides the obvious prestige of being featured as the "Coolest A|N Member," we will also throw in two tickets to paradise.

If you are a member who would like to donate to the prize pool, contact us. We will post all additional prizes here as well.

Good Luck!

Brother Richard

Follow up: October 5, 2008

Wow! There has been some absolutely tremendous entries so far. Bravo!

Remember these three things:

1. We are trying to go Web 2.0 (Unique and Simple). Look at the samples.
2. We more than likely will be going to a white background. So create with this in mind.
3. You only have to work with the words: Atheist Nexus. You don't necessarily have to work in the others.

Keep it up!

Follow Up: October 6, 2008

7 Ingredients Of Good Corporate Design

Attention submitters: Read this great article to get some tips on how to design the logo we need.

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To Omituinen Otus. - With all due respect, I don't think using commonly availble free fonts, especially one as played out as "vomzom", is a good idea at all. People will call you on it, like I just have.
There are hundreds of thousands of commercially available fonts out there which would be more suitable.
Thanks for you comment. I agree that the font Danube i used is quite similar to the vomzom you specified, and i have no idea how widely danube is used. Though i agree, that i probably shouldn't rely so heavily on this type of font as the main element.

What comes to using commonly available free fonts, i fail to see how using commercial fonts would be a better idea. They aren't so unique... and as a poor student i'm not going to pay for such things as a fonts if there's a free alternatives. Though if i wanted to be on the safe side i could probably just create my own fonts, like i did on the first entry(and which i probably should fix a bit), but i'm waaaayyyy too lazy to do that and it would still become overused at some point. :3
Thanks for the reply. Oops, Yeah I always confuze Danube with Vonzom and Wintermute, but all are very widely used and available on DaFont.

Most of the fonts on have been used ad nauseum by amateurs on the net. (especially the nice ones like the three mentioned)
By now, people, not just designers, associate those fonts with noobiness and tackiness.

Unique, professional fonts can be bought for as little as a dollar each, if indeed you choose to be "legit". (lets please not get into a tangent about piracy, software prices etc)
I'm sure there are other resources online where you can get free fonts that are less obvious/cliche than those on DaFont.

My point is that popular free fonts such as those on DaFont are overused in amateur circles, a bit like the dreaded Comic Sans.
They should be avoided in any "serious" design work.

FWIW, this is my favourite of the thread:

Hmm... i agree that those fonts, and there for my entries, could be viewed quite tacky. I don't really mind though. They are overused because they shouts web 2.0.

I didn't make my entries based on the font, though, i choose to font to match my vision and if i hadn't found the font i would probably just created something pretty similar (and now i'm saying my vision was tacky to begin with =P.) And all of my entries are just me practicing Illustrator, i prefer raster graphics so i hadn't even touched vector graphic softwares before my second entry on this contest. And yes this information does in some weird way have something to do with my vision.
And so i reveal to myself that i'm a noob too. =P

Even though i love most of the entries from TJMorgan, i really like the latest orange one, this one is umm.. a bit too old fashioned, it's not really web 2.0, is it? And i'm not saying old fashioned is always a bad thing, especially if it has some kind of modern twist on it. I kinda like the logo in it though.
I don't really associate "Web 2.0" with a Graphic design style though. I see it more associated with Information Architecture design, better usability, more efficient code, webpage layout design that better meets end-user needs, ect... Not really a term that I would normally apply to styling or designing a logo.
You're right.
Though for my defense, modern, "cuteness", rounded corners, reflections, gloss, reflections and 3D effects have kinda become synonymous with web 2.0, i think. Buuut~ they didn't specify that they wanted something like that on this contest.

Still, this one is one of my favorites. I'm not really fan of the colors, the reason being, the red on the logo part makes me think of cranberry porridge. But it still works. :3

Thank you. I totally agree that the colors be better. They are not permenant though. I do think it should be understood that the colors for these entries are just examples. The colors of any entry can be changed or modified to what ever the community agrees on. I think it is the form that we should be judging on. And then we can change colors if needed.
Thanks, I like this one too.




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