Sarah Palin and John McCain are puppets chosen by the Council for National Policy, a shadowy group of wealthy far right conservatives that has morphed into Christian fascism. The membership is supposed to be secret, but details leak out. There is a lot of overlap with the Neo Con memberhip rolls.

This group selected George Bush and then rigged elections, and engineered the use of tax free church resources and people as foot soldiers in his election campaign. They threatened to withdraw from the 2008 election and not support McCain, he capitulated and accepted Palin as his running mate.

If McCain manages to gain the White House his odds of survival with Palin as his successor are questionable. Sound far fetched? The people behind Palin are ruthless and they think the stakes are the second coming of Christ.

You may think they are buffoons. You may think they are deluded. You are completely correct in your assessment. However, crazy as they may be they are extremely dangerous.

September 22, 2008...4:01 pm
End-Times Prophecies and More: How Electing Sarah Palin Endangers Your Life UPDATED
What do Sarah Palin and witches have in common? A pastor. A pastor who is a witch hunter. What does Sarah Palin have in common with the End of Times? Right, another pastor. And then what is the commonality between Sarah Palin and violent church extremists? If you guessed a pastor, you would be again be correct.
This post is part vlog, part blog. It’s long. Kick back and watch, read, learn and become terrified.

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I'm aware of the CNP. My wife knows a great deal about them, all the incestuous connections they have with the various other RRRW organizations, how they all feed off one another and work together to make things happen (or not), etc. It might like the ravings of a conspiracy-theorist on a paranoid fantasy trip, but it's all true.




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