This just came up in another thread and I've repeated it here..

The socialised medicine issue in the US confuses the hell out of me - what's the problem? I just can't make sense of the case against.

Here in Britain I get healthcare from the state.

Northing's perfect - but it works. It's high quality. It's free apart for a nominal prescription charge (waived for those on a low income). It's been running for over half a century and the sky hasn't fallen in.

If I want to pay for private health care I can - the medicine is no better but the hospitals have better art on the walls. But I'd still pay my full taxes - that's non negotiable and you don't hear complaints.

Tell the British or the French that socialised medicine is a Bad Thing and that the American model is better and we'd laugh so hard we'd puke. Try to take it away and there'd be a revolution - pitchforks, torches, the works.

Watching Michael Moores' Sicko made me realise just how lucky I am to live here.

I don't understand how the American right can maintain the belief that it wouldn't work, can't work, when there is so much evidence to the contrary and working models around the world to emulate.

Saying it would be too expensive to set up seems like a hollow claim when $700bn has just been pulled out from a box under the bed - what have they been saving up for? How much more is in that box? What's more important?

People are dying and bankrupting themselves and their families - It's immoral.

Anyway - this is a international forum. If our American cousins want more information, facts, personal stories, resources, history, kick ass ethical arguments - you only have to ask and I'm sure the rest of us can provide them.

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Americans also die waiting for health care. There are 48 million Americans without health care and an additional 25 million that are uninsured. I hear many Americans saying how bad Canadian health care is but I almost never hear Canadians do. A friend of mine that moved up to Canada, and now a citizen there doesn't have the hassles and expense that he used to have.

Now Canada isn't my first choice as an example. Often you hear the Canadian model being proposed because Americans identify with Canadians more than their European counterparts.

International company's often will choose to locate in Canada over American soil because they don't want to deal with the expense that Canadians have and are willing to pay higher the higher wages.

When it comes to health care, anything is better than the American Way.
Yes, the problem is certainly the focus on individual rights,but when is an individual right an individual right if it scrutinizes your options to have a right to say, free healthcare?
We got socialized medical care in Sweden too. We have other completely unrelated problems with our health care though... But hey! At least it exists.


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