I volunteer at a medical web site offering solutions to medical questions. I recieved a question asking about prayer in helping a guy grow a beard (yeah, I know). Here is his response to my contention that prayer won't grow facial hair:
Indeed, and I can do all things through GOD. Including growing a beard (unless there is some purpose for my beard not growing). Religiously speaking, if the Almighty truely, for some reason, does not want me to have a beard then not my will be done, but his. But I thank you for your medical opinion. Take care.

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So if everything is up to the will of god why did he bother asking you the question in the first place?
This is the question that confounds me every time. Another interesting thing is that when I am responsible for a patient's improvement, they will say "thank god". When things go wrong, they don't seem to want to sue god. In these cases, I usually say, "no, you can thank me". I have had a few patients leave my practice because of that. Real christian behavior :-).
The thing that disturbs me the most about this is not that there are grown people who believe that prayer can facilitate something like this. What truly disgusts me is that believing that it actually works, these people choose to use their direct connection with God Almighty, the single biggest mover and shaker in the universe, who is capable of pulling off any task by simply willing it to be, to beg for a winning season for their favorite team, for a better parking spot, for a thick full beard, and other such trivial shit. Sometimes they will pretend they aren't that selfish and pray for someone else's benefit, like praying that their daughter stops being a lesbian so she can come home for Christmas this year.

Are these the most pressing issues of our time? If somebody believes that this actually works, and chooses to waste it on things like this when there are real problems that we are as yet unable to correct on our own, it speaks volumes to the depth and breadth of those good christian values they profess to be so well steeped in.
all I can say is hallelujah!! LOL
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When you got passages like Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.", and Matthew 21:22 "And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.", you pretty much have a blank check for anything.
What tends to freak me out is the character of Christ tends to be somewhat, how can you say - anti-materialistic? Which seems to me a really odd fit for someone praying for a snazzy beard and all the other gratuitous demands some so-called Christians pray for.
One thing I find comical is when a christian woman awaiting paternity results on a talk show says "I prayed to god that this baby is John's" or something to that effect. They apparently believe god can completely change a baby's DNA after it has already been born. Not so crazy when you believe god is omnipotent... I suppose. And of course when it isn't John's baby, the woman never blames god for not invoking his magic. I guess things like that makes sense to people with IQs in the double digits, but for the rest of us, it's pure comedy. It would be great to be god and get all of the credit for everything good and none of the blame for anything bad.
Idiots like these should only ever be entitled to faith based medicine.
People like that make me want to bang my head against the wall.

After I make sure they're sterilized so they don't reproduce. ;-)
I usually save that until they are sufficiently frustrated and I'm ready to lay the discussion over stumper on them. It has been my trump card more than once.




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