This was one of the things that confused me when I first arrived.

If I wanted to post on a topic I could post it:

- In the appropriate area of the forum - which has two views, by discussion & activity
- In the relevant groups discussion area (which may only show very recent posts)
- On the relevant groups wall - which I don't think paginates like the discussions.

It's easy to miss interesting posts simply because you don't look in all the right places.

Is there a way to simplify this a little?

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Oh I like the groups, it's the feature & topic duplication i.e. how many places a particular discussion can take place in that I was drawing attention to. It doesn't seem to add anything and divides an audience for a topic unnecessarily.

For example, there's a Science forum, a Science group (with it's own forum) and a Wall area.

If I wanted to post a Science story and wanted the widest distribution where would I put it?

I'd suggest clarifying the distinction between these areas in some way or unifying them.




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