Has anyone suggested starting up a wiki, in association with Atheist Nexus? Editing priviledges could be limited to members, and it could help address various topics and issues that arise out of our discussions, and our activities too.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Thank you Phillip, a wiki is a good idea that we have tossed around. It's been added it to the list of possible future updates.
This is a brilliant idea! I was just going to propose an "Atheist Bible" so to speak which could act as an educational collection of information to de-convert religious people. A wiki would be great because we could cite our sources, efficiently organize the information, and create it as a collective.

I would love to see a section discussing the irrationality of religion with links to wikipedia articles to support the argument. A rational, logical, organized, cited, and supported information overload. I think it should be filled with preemptive explorations of religious rebuttals to the point where there is no middle ground... You either renounce religion or reaffirm your belief because something that convincing could only be written by the Devil.

Sorry if I'm a little intense... I fully agree with Richard Dawkins' 2002 TED Conference speech on Militant Atheism
There is the wonderful wiki at www.ironchariots.org. It was set up by the Atheist Community of Austin and is a good (and growing) counter-apologetics resource.

It may be a good idea to set up a collaboration. Work is already being done, why duplicate?




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