Ok ive heard a lot of theories and all of witch i have simple questions to disolve those theories
example the big bang theory
Question: if we have a basic laws such as matter and energy cannot be created nor destroyed and cause and effect and you push this then that will do that then how could the big bang have possibly existed with out one single thing such as a cause.

Take a glass of water put it into a steril environment with absoultely noooo influence of anything know what would happen.... absolutely nothing think of the universe as all that watter and the glass is its boundery, nothing will happen to the water unless acted upon by you do this and thatll do that or cause and effect....????
hmmm very interesting post your replys cuz im really really wanting to argue and make you guys fight :)

sorry i love debates...

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This is actually based on an outdated argument. We don't have a law of conservation on the quantum level. That's more of a Newtonian thing. In the quantum world, even vacuum has energy and there have been experiments to prove this.




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