I was having a discussion with a friend of mine whose dad is a successful executive working in the top level of a local corporation.Having an interest in testing his general(my friends that is) awareness of where his family stands among the worlds wealthy I asked him the question, he replied that he felt he was somewhere within the top 40 percent!When i told him it was more likely that he was in the top one percent he was shocked and didn't believe me.Only after verifying the fact that having assets of 500,000 dollars or more would qualify an individual into the top one percent did he finally believe it.
And the fact that i am writing this post online ,would immaediately place me in the top 10 percent!
What are your opinions regarding the wealth distribution of the world?


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This is what is quite true in Sweden. Politicans belong to the upper class, few politicans choose to go with lower salaries etc and still live like the middle or working class. Since the decisions they make is from the view from upper class, working class most of all will not always benefit. There should really be outside informators in politics, that can give their opinions without being politicans and thus give a broader and more correct view of the current society.

Even a survey would be better and would take rather short time to finish.
Your friend lives in a bubble lol
We just learned about this in sociology class. People in the US are less class conscious than Europeans who are less class conscious than Eastern Asians.

I didn't even realize that my parents were considered upper middle class and in the top 8 or so percent of the world's wealthy until maybe a year ago. I'm still coming to terms with the repercussions of that when it comes to my perception of the world around me. In my defense I still do not know my family's yearly income and my parents took special effort with my siblings and I to be inconspicuous consumers.

www.gapminder.org is a great site demonstrating the distribution of world wealth (among other things) and a great video explaining the site can be found at http://www.gapminder.org/video/lectures/ted-2006---debunking-myth-a...




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