Many of you have heard that sappy,sickening Jeebis Loves me children song, yes? Many were forced to sing the damn thing too.
Well,I was thinking...What if some of us changed the lyrics so it became something really funny?
You remember the gopher guts song? Something like that. something easy,memorable,something kids would get a kick out of...Maybe no mention of religious icons,but just taking the melody and running with it...Next,introducing it to kids,putting it on joke websites,etc...If it caught on,kids all over would be singing it and it would piss off a lot of xtains...And added bonus,of course!

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Preacher loves me this I know,
'Cause he touches me below.
We have fun at Sunday school,
Where we pray and touch his tool.
God is just a myth you know?
Just like Thor, Zeus, and Juno.
(To) many gods man's prayed with zeal.
What makes you think yours is real?

Move over Shakespear !
LOL! I like the second one best! Your good!
Thank you !
When I was a young teen we used to sing:

"Jesus loves me this I know
For my toaster told me so"
The more I think about this the more I like it.
Darwin loves me this I know,
'Cuz the finches told me so.
Though a monkey be my aunt,
You will never hear me rant!

So Yahweh is a big fat jerk,
In my mind he'll never lurk.
I tried to read the bible but,
it contained way too much smut.

When I was young I would pray,
no sign ever made its way.
I quit talking to myself -
Rather believe in an elf.

Carl Sagan smoked some pot;
doesn't bother me a lot.
Dawkins told me God's a myth -
And he said it quite forthwith.

The Bible is a fable,
never does it enable -
it can only disable;
should have a warning label!
"When I was young I would pray,
no sign ever made its way.
I quit talking to myself -
Rather believe in an elf."

I'll be here all week!

Make sure you buy my album - only $14.99 plus tax ;)
My oh my!!!
This is quite entertaining.
You left out the chorus though.




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