Gonna sound strange, but I think I have the answer and [most of] solution portion of answer: yes, the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
Ok, so it's not like someone hasn't said this before (just before the call for money, no doubt, or worse), but what if one day someone (sane) posted a msg just like this on a board just like this on the internet and it turned out to be true ...

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It can't happen, because only I know the answer and I'm not talking.

Oops, I might have said too much!
the odds of that is astronomical at the very least, mankind has been trying to answer that question for thousands of years and we still havnt found the right answer yet
Dear Mr. Badwolf -

The odds of what are astronomical? Me knowing or me not telling? Or were you replying to the original poster?

It is hard to have an intelligent discussion if people are going to be so sloppy with their "refutations."

Your use of the term "astronomical" pretty well establishes that you have no clue of the actual likelihood of what ever you were talking about happening. But it must be really big because you said it was. How clever.

Understanding statistics seem to be especially challenging to your average idiot. The simple fact is that things happen every day that are "astronomical." The last winning Florida lottery ticket had a 1:22,957,480.00 chance of winning. I suppose that by your thinking it couldn't be a winner, but it did.

In the end, I am not surprised that they decided not to tell you that the answer was found. I'm certainly not going to tell you. You obviously are not ready.
I thought that the answer was 42.
The meaning of life is easy. Be kind, do as little harm as possible and learn as much as you can.
add 'never ever get caught" and you're a grouch.
I need to pull beck my earlier post. It was intended to sound lighthearted, but instead it sounded mean spirited.

These things need to be treated with tongue firmly in cheek. We are all over our heads and I hope you will all assume I wrote that in jest.
As long as the solution does not involve someone getting nailed to a tree It'll be ok - we can probably simply ignore the post.




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