For Fun - Make Curse Words That Are Worthy Of Atheist Utterings

Most of us do it, and there are many forums debating the issue of atheists 'taking the lords name in vain', so no need to rehash it here, unless you seriously feel the need...
I still fall back on 'Jeezus Christ' and goddamn thisorthat when I'm really flustered, but I've become more creative when I'm feeling squirrelly...
Darwin Dammit...By the bones of Galileo...or heebie Jebus momma...I still like Fuckit the best

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I use Holy Shit a lot...It's one of my favorites. I also like bloody hell and Gods be dammed,Christ On a bloody Cracker is another good one..Sometimes said as Crust On a cracker,fuck a duck and Oh flying fuckers, oh for the love of flying fuckers.
I like ;Jesus H Christ!!!!

As any Aussie grunt will tell you,the "H" stands for 'Hughie'. (after his dad).

It's not well known but Aussie soldiers are on first name terms with the almighty.This usually takes the form of swearing at him for fucking up the weather and things natural. EG finding a leech on your scrotum,the onset of the monsoon when you happen to be in the middle of the jungle etc etc,.
"I don't give a flying fuck" is always a classic.
You know, this subject's been ticking over in my brain for a couple of days, and I'm thinking, if Christians use their God for blaspheming, maybe we should use the 'Four Horseman'.

Imagine hitting your thumb with a hammer and saying, "Daniel Dennett, that hurt!"

Perhaps you see something really amazing and you exclaim,
"Ohhhh phhhhhh-aryngula that was good!"

Perhaps the boys could start referring to their ... um ... appendage ... as their "Dick Dawkins".

Can anyone think of any more? ;-)
"Christ on a Cross!"
Yea, I use that a lot...gets a lot of fun reactions!
I think I'll go with Pharyngula's "frackin' cracker". It has a nice forceful yet rhythmic ring to it.
The two I use most commonly are "jesuscrap" and "crapdamnit". Jesuscrap is especially appropriate when drivel pertaining to Jesus is being spewed in my general direction.
the 'frackin cracker' is hilarious...after reading PZ's blog we have used it, but then my son (in jest) called me a cracker, and I had to call him a wafer...oh, but it degraded from there...

Thanks for all the great new ones! Keep 'em coming....'sweet dark lord of fuck' is firmly ensconced now in my little black book of juicy bad word love.
I'm afraid I'm not nearly as original as some of these, but when I forswore religiosity, I realized that my swears didn't have the meaning they once did...

So, I fell back on a child-hood favorite TV show: stars.

"By the stars"

"Stars' dammit"

"Oh my stars"

Sometimes, I'll make an oblique reference to a very good South Park episode, and say something like, "Science, dammit" or "Oh. my. science." and a favorite, "science be praised"..... as often as not, it's not only an epithet, but it's true as well.
I'm with Penn Gillette on this one. I think it's important to take "the lord's" name in vain, on account of how xtians particularly oppose it, and how it's so utterly meaningless, what with there not being an actual referent and all, and because even as a fictional character, he's especially despicable. But I confess I do have trouble approaching any validation of the vicious old psycho with my swearing. I've been tempted to incorporate "Oh, my god! (May he rest in peace.)" into my repertoire, but that would imply that I wished the fucker well, which I don't.

Also, I don't really like upsetting innocent bystanders, so I'm afraid my creativity is inhibited. Otherwise I might cut loose with the occasional "Jesus H. Christ on a fuckstick", "Well, fuck Jesus in the ass and leave some money on the dresser!", or "Oh, Jehovah's greasy dildo!"

But mostly I stick with the tried and true "fer fuck's sake", or just the too-tame "dammit" (ommitting the n is important--can't be bothered with precision spelling in cuss-worthy circumstances).

"Sweet dark lord of fuck" is pretty good, and I'm quite pleased to be introduced to the brilliant "science be praised!", considering that we really only have science to thank for the many improvements over caveperson existence.




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