For Fun - Make Curse Words That Are Worthy Of Atheist Utterings

Most of us do it, and there are many forums debating the issue of atheists 'taking the lords name in vain', so no need to rehash it here, unless you seriously feel the need...
I still fall back on 'Jeezus Christ' and goddamn thisorthat when I'm really flustered, but I've become more creative when I'm feeling squirrelly...
Darwin Dammit...By the bones of Galileo...or heebie Jebus momma...I still like Fuckit the best

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If you want a fun language to swear in, learn a bit of ASL (American Sign Language). I've forgotten most of what I learned, however I remember a couple of the swears which come in handy. You'll never be ejected from a sports game for swearing :-D
Well to be anatomical about it - dicks actually do *have* heads, so dickhead may be describing the tip of the penis, rather than the head of the dick-ish person standing in front of you.
From Farscape: Frell (Fuck), Frelling, Dren (Shit), Boll-Yatz (Bullshit), Hezmana (hell, What the hezmana!?)

From Battlestar: Frak

Firefly had tonnes of really good swears via the chinese influence:
I've adopted 'gorram' in place of 'goddamn' from Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity. :D

Since reading this fantastic essay by Daniel Dennett, I've made a point of replacing the 'God' in phrases like 'oh my God' and 'thank God' with 'goodness'. Hardly a curse word, but still sort of on topic!
I do believe I mentioned firefly above :-P
You mentioned the Chinese profanity in Firefly, but "gorram" is not Chinese!

I love the language -- have taken 7 semesters of Mandarin between high school and college -- but I just can't get in the swing of incorporating Chinese phrases into daily life. The cast of Firefly pulls it off much better than I could. :)
Yeah, ah well.
Japanese is not the easiest language to swear in, particularly if you're not Japanese.

Baka does have related phrases that I find more interesting. Bakayaro is a bit more colorful, and it just SOUNDS more colorful, too. Then there's bakatare, which if my distant, failing memories of trying to speak Japanese serve me right, can be translated along the lines of "dripping with foolishness."
I use "goram" from Firefly. It's like a lazy version of "goddamn" in the future.
"Great Caesar's Ghost!" An oldie but still a goodie.
Hmmmm, speaking of ghosts, Banquo would make a pretty good curse word, too!
While I was in hospital and my friends cane to visit with a Scrabble board, I tried to convince them that "Nunshite" was a word, they had to agree with me as I was sick.
My argument went along the lines of "it's a type of holy shit"




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