For Fun - Make Curse Words That Are Worthy Of Atheist Utterings

Most of us do it, and there are many forums debating the issue of atheists 'taking the lords name in vain', so no need to rehash it here, unless you seriously feel the need...
I still fall back on 'Jeezus Christ' and goddamn thisorthat when I'm really flustered, but I've become more creative when I'm feeling squirrelly...
Darwin Dammit...By the bones of Galileo...or heebie Jebus momma...I still like Fuckit the best

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I like "Jezus Christ Fuckmuppet!" quite a lot.

My son like For Science's Sake! and Thank Science!

Also, I like Sweet Zombie Jeebus! for exclamations of surprise and shock.
oh and ofcourse - "Great Hairy Lesbian Mammoth Bollocks to that!"
Lol..I've been searching for 'secular' curse words tired of goddammit (or anything to get away from giving 'god' credit for anything..hehe)...but allah dammit or zeus dammit doesn't quite have the same intensity.

When describing someone not particularly sharp my fav term of endearment is "Fucktard"...seems to work pretty well so far
As the mother of a five year old, I'm always looking for "clean" expletives; my favorite is "dog rabbit" and my kid uses it a lot. Also "cheese and fluffy rice", plus we like to switch the first letters of two words: "gucking foofy" always makes him smile....
I always liked how Jack Nicholson as Jack Napier / The Joker put it:

Hayseus Marimba!
And while I'm thinking about it ... how about Great Holy Fuck-A-Duck?

And there's always "Holy Jumpin' Kimono!
I feel a little stupid saying Oh My God! so I have been trying out a few replacements... Oh My NED! for Non-Existent Diety and also Oh My Bob! for Bucket of Bullshit. Or Barrel of Brainwash. I think Bob has a better ring to it, and comes off the tongue with better clarity. Bob dammit!




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