Hey All,

Quite often upgrades are implemented to Atheist Nexus without being mentioned. This is usually because they are behind the scenes or simply speed improvements. I want to bring your attention five recent updates that you do need to know about.

1. We now have full OpenSocial Application support. This allows you to add a variety of new applications to your profile pages. To see what's available click the "Add Applications" link under your profile picture. Some are a lot of fun.

2. You can now choose to block messages from any individual member. Simply go to the desired member's profile page and click the "Block Messages" option under their profile picture.

3. You should have noticed a new main tab featuring member blogs. If you have a blog of your own, be sure to add your information. You will definitely get more readers.

4. Let's face it, A|N's message center has always been lacking, a few weeks back, you should have noticed a vast improvement.

5. Got an iPhone? We now have a fully customized interface for you.

Also, if you did not receive the October Atheist Nexus Newsletter by email, please do the following:

1. Make sure your profile email is correct
2. Check to see if it is in your spam folder.
3. Add atheistnexus@gmail.com to your accepted email list.
4. Email us and let us know.


Brother Richard

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I love this site!
You guys have done a phenomenal job! I was so excited to find this site, as I am an avid Facebooker, but have found i need to keep my nonbelief a little more private so i don't undermine certain goals. (Can't help it if people are still acting like Neanderthals). This is like Facebook for atheists. That said, I would love to see support for Javascript, as i have a widget i use on my other blogs and forums and sites that displays a new quote on each reload. If there is an app for this, please let me know. I'm new to the site, and haven't seen it. I tried the one app that came up but it doesn't like my code, though it's Javascript and works on all other sites.
Thanks again for such a desperately needed site!
Jae Baeli
Widgets on user pages make it hard (or impossible) for those of us with older computers and slow WWW connections to view those pages.

Didn't receive the October (?) newsletter.

Is this what you mean by "email us"?

FYI: this thread is a year old. October 2008. Pretty much irrelevant.
Yes, I know... I was joking. I wasn't even here October of last year.
The thread may have started last year, but as you can see, there are recent posts, including mine. Were you being intentionally mean?
It seems Méabh got confused about the dates when you bumped this old thread up. I think that's what Bro' Richard was pointing out.
I wasn't confused. I know people think widgets/applications to add to user pages are too cool for school, but the more stuff people have on their page, the less chance I'll get to see it.
Was who being mean about what?
No, I wasn't trying to be mean. I was mainly responding to the question about the October newsletter. I didn't want others to think they were missing out on something.

Fortunately or unfortunately, widgets are a part of internet life now. It would hurt us more if we didn't allow them.
Thanks for clarifying. I misunderstood. I feel better now that you were not being a great big meany. :^)
I wasn't implying that they should be banned.

There are people whose pages I would love to visit from time-to-time, but I can't, because all the music, etc... bogs my computer down. I don't think people realize that when they add all the little things that go "Ping!", it can be a problem for people with old computers/slow WWW connections.




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