Don't know what made me think of it, but I decided to see what anagrams I could make with "Atheist Nexus" using one of the online anagram generators.

The first thing that came up was:

Enthusiastic Ex

which I thought was most appropriate for ex-Christians who have enthusiastically embraced atheism!

For more timid converts, the anagram maker suggests:

Hesitant Ex Us

And for those who can't wait to leave their church:

Hasten Exit Us
Haste Ex Units

Perhaps you just got tired of the pastor blowing hot air? How appropriate is:

Exhaust Set In

For those who have suffered sexual repression due to their religion and are looking to get lucky quickly, there's:

Haste Sex Unit

Hate those Xtian hymns? How about:

Hate Tunes Xis

For those bitter and angry ex-Christians there's:

Nastiest Ex Uh


Unseat The Xis

And for those who think Christian girls still have nice bums, console yourself with:

Neat Tushes Xi

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Oops, it was my fault, not the generator's. It should have read:

Enthusiast Ex

Sorry, funky, I'm better after I've had my first chardonnay of the day. ;-)
Very fun stuff. Nice idea.
Quite clever!
Haste Sex Unit sounds like a good name for a band.



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