I have a question and the answer might be obvious, but I'm no computer pro, so bear with me here.

In the "Latest Activity" sidebar on "My Page" it keeps saying that "You and so an so are now friends." The "you" being me. This has been going on all day with all sorts of people, and by now I should have a zillion friends. Only I haven't friended anyone all day. Nor have a received any requests (*sniff*).

It's really neither her nor there since random friends aren't showing up on my page, but I'm just curious--why is this so?

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Gee, darn. I thought all of a sudden I was devastatingly popular and everyone loved me. Oh. Oh well...

I'll be your friend. I'll try not to let you down. Just don't ask me to post bail if you've stabbed one of the Amish - I think that's a federal hate crime.
Well it happens to me too. I noticed in one occasion that by clicking at the person I'm supposed to be new friends with they had become friends with someone who had a similar nickname to me (Rose). I've noticed this board lets people have, not just similar, but the same nickname so maybe that's part of the answer. (I doubt there are many people nicknamed "IsThatLatin" out there though).
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