aving come through a totally pointless, $300 000 000 tax payer paid election, here in Canada, my thoughts turn south. With Obama leading in the polls down, I have been noticing more anti-Obama comments, here in conservative rural Alberta. While some have been the typical racist crap like "He's too black for me", but most seem to be related to the economical change that will come with a Democrat in power. This, I feel, is a legitimate concern.
Cattle is a major part of people's income around here, and American protectionism a prime concern. Farmers/ranchers believe that the election of Obama will mean the closing of the boarder to Canadian beef. Farming is already a very costly livelihood as fuel is expensive, and essential,and equipment must be constantly be repaired and up dated. Many farmers/ranchers have to work other jobs, primarily in the oil patch, just to keep up with the bank payments, as very few have any mineral rights on their land. Conservative belief in, and deregulation for, the unrestrained capitalism has destroyed the American economy, and Canada has only been spared through the restrictions of regulations, thanks to the Conservative/Reactionary's inability to obtain more than a minority government, and thus deregulate. If the Conservatives had a majority in Parliament, we would be just as screwed.
As much as I wish we had an Obama to vote for here in Canada, I can not see how we Canadians won't get screwed. It's not like Obama would have a choice. He's American. He has to put American interests first. Canada is a very rich country, and our workers (like me) have fairly good wages and medical benefits, but that makes our products expensive. This means that American companies will look south, and east, before they look north.
What are your opinions on this from your prospective?
Lets talk.

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How can you support others anyway if you can't even support yourself? Maybe it works for the few selected rich, not so much for the rest.
Canadian workers have always had to fear the actions of American protectionist lobbyists. Our Conservative Party tends to be backed by American corporate elite, while our Liberal Party is backed mainly by the Canadian corporate elite. Both of these 2 main parties have used American "strike breakers" to the detriment of Canadian workers.
Many years ago, most Canadian exports were shipped on Canadian made ships, manned by the Canadian Merchant Marine. During WW2, these people were the heroes of the North Atlantic, keeping Britain alive and supplied with essential food and raw materials for the war effort against the Nazis. After the war, the shipping companies, with the assistance of both the Canadian and American government, set out to destroy the union that controlled the CMM. They succeeded with the assistance of American "strike Breakers" and the RCMP. By the beginning of the 1980's, Canada's once first class ship building industry was closed down, as the companies were unable to destroy the unions in any other way. Canada no longer builds ships, nor ships any of our export products.
Hell, there is a young Canadian kid in Guantanamo, who was captured in Afghanistan when he was 15. He has clearly been tortured and abused. Our current Conservative government has refused to do any thing in any way to help him out, or any of the other people who have been kidnapped and "renditioned" to other countries for torture, then released for lack of evidence.




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