A friend of mine is coming to visit in August and I bought him the CD Whoracle by In Flames (metal music if someone doesn't know) because he is quite getting into them lately, and I couldn't celebrate him when he actually had his birthday.

Just for fun, it would be interesting to see how others would like to celebrate their dream birthday and what dream birthday presents they would like. So go ahead to the wishmachine!

My biggest dream myself right now would be to get my own apartment with 2 rooms and a kitchen of a size of say 40 squaremeters. Washer machine and a dish machine included! Of course it should be bought first hand, and bought right in a nice area close or in the centrum.

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I'm not sure what my dream present would be, but someone once bought me a "Jesus Action Figure With Real Gliding Action." It was a piece of plastic crap on wheels, but it provided me with hours of amusement when I took it out in public and used it to torment hypocrites.
My birthday is coming up soon, and I have been wanting a high-powered telescope for... oh, forever? Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to save about $3000 in order to achieve the dream :*( Telescope/a year tuition... telescope/a year tuition... awww, man.

random idea... what if u DONT go to school... (there is a wealth of the SAME information available if u search via internet, and find people with similar interests) and get that telescope... than form a group with the locals and weekly look unto the stars with an agenda...

(actually I'd love to always be in school but the funding nessessary has become ridiculous for somewhat poor individuals)

dont take that too seriously.. but what IF? a group gathers... and it goes from there?
My dream present this year would be enough cash to fly my ass back to Bath to celebrate with my pals at my favorite pub drinking an obscene amount of Guinness. Yes. My dream present is getting drunk with friends, which is pretty unoriginal, except that the people and the place are a few thousand miles away. *sniff*
I currently live with my roommate who technically owns Layla, the dog that absolutely adores me...

he goes to work at about 10 PM, about the time I go do bed and he gets home at 8 AM when i got to work, and he wants the dog locked in her "cage" when either of us are not with her...

now I dont have the heart to do this.. so i let her sleep with me on my bed .. saving her about 8 hours in a cage each day.. plus I see her like a little sister... though maybe a not-so-intelligent little sister.. but i adore her equally.

I hate the idea of caging her at ALL... but now we live in his condo with wood floors so i have to compromise...

if u ask me he should not have a dog, and she should live in a house with OTHER dogs who get to go out in the yard during the day when they please, but that is not the case.

... I tend to like animals more than people.
Yeah, if you have an animal you can't have time for, why do you have it at all? Is that dog ever taken out for a walk during those 8 hours? 8 hours is really more time than a dog should be left alone at home; 4-6 hours are recommended. More than that, it's almost considered abuse.

I also agree that a dog should not be kept as an inside animal. Cats are somewhat easier, but a dog has other needs. Depending on the dog's size, getting at least 2-4 hours walk each day is reommended for their wellbeing.

I have to agree too that it's easier to like animals than people. For some reason I find animals to be so unconditional. As long you like them back no one can like you as intensively as an animal. It's love on a more basic and primary level, without all the crap and bullshit humans must have around us. I mean, look at the guy who released the Fitna movie. His wife divorced him and left, what kind of love is that? I bet they loved each other, or so they thought...

In a way, the idiom "dogs are man's best friends" is very true. I am so happy my parents will bring our family dog with them when they will come next week ^^ Missed her a lot. I remember when I was younger and I was away from home. Guess who I missed? Not my parents anyway.
My dog regularly spends 8-hour days inside at home, never has an accident, and seems perfectly content. It isn't ideal, and I hope to get another dog one of these days so he has a friend. Still, I don't know what option most employed folks have. Of course, my dog is tiny (i.e., 12 lbs full grown) and very good at exercising himself. Calling this almost abuse seems a bit strong.
It is because the dogs are social animals, they need social interaction may it be just from humans. Also, I am not saying it because I consider it myself, in Sweden we have a law to not leave our dogs alone for more than 6 hours or so. I am merely quoting what people knowing more than me in the matter consider to be recommended. Of course it also depends a lot from dog to dog. Some dogs suffer from anxiety disorder and can't be left home for more than a few minutes.
Hmm...lifetime's supply of free books from Barnes & Noble?
More money than I know what to do with and 20.20 vision.
Oooh, I'll go with automatic acceptance to the graduate program of my choice with as much grant money as I could possibly need to get me all the way to my PhD! :D

To celebrate? All my friends, including all the ones who live far away flying in, at my favorite sushi restaurant. Unlimited sushi. Yesssss.
How will you fit world peace and a replica samurai sword into your living room? I suspect only one will fit.




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