A friend of mine is coming to visit in August and I bought him the CD Whoracle by In Flames (metal music if someone doesn't know) because he is quite getting into them lately, and I couldn't celebrate him when he actually had his birthday.

Just for fun, it would be interesting to see how others would like to celebrate their dream birthday and what dream birthday presents they would like. So go ahead to the wishmachine!

My biggest dream myself right now would be to get my own apartment with 2 rooms and a kitchen of a size of say 40 squaremeters. Washer machine and a dish machine included! Of course it should be bought first hand, and bought right in a nice area close or in the centrum.

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I could be a name of a hottie. If Apple is a name, World Peace can't be far behind.
Dream Birthday Present? Simple: let me hit the Lotto when it's around, say $100 million.

That sets the stage. From there I can get the Porsche Carrera, a pair of Mark Levinson No. 52's ... and maybe a new house to put that and other stuff in ... never mind making sure that my daughter and others who are important to me are covered.

Yeah ... that'd work nice....



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