i saw this on the site improvements announcement:

>>Got an iPhone? We now have a fully customized interface for you.

does that mean there is an iphone application (like the facebook app)?

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iPhone is a religion. Crap technology promising to save your soul, on the condition they own it too.

Seriously, if you can get a refund, do. You don't need the crap they sell as "necessary".

well, i totally regret getting it. i live in japan and here the cellphones are so much more advanced than the iphone. but i'm locked into a 2 year contract. i could break the contract for about $150 US and then try to sell off the phone... but now that it's been out a while the word is out that it sucks compared to other phones available here. so selling it would be difficult... so probably gonna have to wait it out.

yeah in the meantime if there was a handy application (like the free one for facefook and mixi) it woiuld be nice to check my account here without connecting to main page...
i have an itouch, and i have to agree. This is why 1 in 4 iphones are hacked.
Hey Markystar,
Good question and thanks for asking, there is no iPhone app yet, that I am aware of.

There is an A|N mobile media page at http://atheistnexus.org/m which is like an iphone app. I have it on mine and have no complaint about it. My phone has an A|N icon that brings me to the mobile page which leads me to believe that somehow somewhere I stumbled upon one.

Now lets all pitch in and get felch an iphone. i think he's really trying to say that he wants one...with smileys...
thanks guys!!

>>This is why 1 in 4 iphones are hacked.

most of the english jailbreaking instructions are for america (at&t), so i'm afraid of jailbreaking mine -- tho i want to!!!!

i'm in japan and our provider, softbank, has some preloaded apps (daily use things that every cellphone user - ie; everyone - uses here). so i'm worried if i jail break it, i might botch those up. especially with the 3.0 firmware update coming down the pipe. reading the japanese jailbreak instructions is a bit of a chore as well... if you make one mistake.... lol

>>There is an A|N mobile media page

i'll bookmark that right now.
one of the things that's kept me relatively inactive here is the fact that i can't check it on my mobile as easily as facefook.

that and the lack of copy and paste... hahaha.


i read about Me So Holy a while ago.

the fact that it's not allowed to be sold is stupid.
but it seems like another useless application. :)


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