All people indoctrinate one another.

Or do you not think so?
Every tribe indoctrinates its members as does every religion or every type of society.
Parents do their part in indoctrinating their children into their way of thinking as well.
So nobody knows the future, yet we all pretend we do!
We even take our children to demonstrations and make them chant our believes as if they
would know what exactly they are chanting!
I remember as saying that tell us that respect needs to be deserved. This means you cannot force people to respect you. This simultaneously also means that we cannot force our individual believes upon one another. We merely have to be able to live together.
Most simple folks do just that. However power hungry folks have become specialists in setting folks against one another. They did it colonizing Africa stealing people, buying them with beads and they still use the same tactics on a bigger scale daily.
In those early days before the Industrializing of the Global population we were already played for the morons we actually have proved to be.
The players for power only have to send a single individual out too shout some dumb slogans about and before you know it people are fighting in the streets.
Its those same people, ’meaning we all ’, that pay the ultimate price off collective suffering when we do so. As in the story of the two dogs fighting over a bone, a third dog comes buy while the other two fight and takes the bone. The Money-elite loves it when,
‘we the people’ ,fight in the streets over nothing. Religion, water, creed, color, believes,
land, energy resources or food, whenever we fight someone is making a profit.
I believe most people are basically cowards and don’t have the courage to go against the local set of rules they grew up with. You want to stay accepted in the village or tribe so you go along and pretty soon you do not know any better anymore.
What all people always forget is the power that hides within their numbers.
As Gandhi has shown, any people anywhere can regulate their future as well as their leaders. It seems that besides cowards we are also lazy and we do not want to put a real effort into thought and proper reflection of the ways we choose to go forward.
As put forward in zeitgeist amongst others we can all prosper from a resource based society instead of a monetary society. However we would rather argue with one another on local levels than too give this global problem some real thought and bring it into creation. It seems we rather act like frustrated little children ourselves instead of creating a future for our children they could be proud of.
And again lift-up your child above your head and take him or her too some rally or demonstration so that he or she starts thinking as does mom or dad.
Ask yourself what and how much do you actually know?
How much do you understand the forces at play and are you willing to increase your knowledge? Do you know that you do not know (enough)?
To accept the fact you lack knowledge, will automatically make you start to learn more.
Is it wrong to admit to your child you do not understand everything, or is this
what it takes for both you and your child to intellectually and spiritually grow.
So mommy and daddy should educate and not indoctrinate for them to be grown-up.

The LORD EDUCATION IS MY GOD Trinityroy 2008

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Well, I definitely agree with some of your points, however, I do fail to see the major point of the text more than "we indoctrinate ourselves". That's your premise, but then what?
well no I am stating we create an endless line of indoctrination over generations without opening up to the wider aspect of our collective choises. therefor we create little prisons within our villages where we live giving way too power players. choises choises and what they bring forth. thats all! micro and macro cosmos and all that jive! One planet would be nice as a concept but sometimes seems further away than ever.
What drugs are you on and can I have some ?
quite right felch and quite so! and no! but too get back too the topic lol, I accept the limitations of breathing air and being part of this system called earth. what I do not appreciate is the limitations we bestow upon ourselves and our offspring. most forms of indoctrination seem to slow down our general intilectual and spiritual evolution. And as said I belief they give way for us to be more easily manipulated by those that seek power and material gain. but again correct me if i'm wrong.




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