When the ACORN stories first appeared, I didn't pay much attention to them because I'd heard all these allegations before and believed was no substance to them. Over the last few weeks, the "scandals" involving the group have multiplied like rabbits but the reporting is almost always incomplete, superficial, and short. The editorials are always biased (but editorials are supposed to be biased) but I've found Fox News's reporting to be very biased as well. Even on straightforward news, Fox reporters almost always make some kind of snide remark (and people think the media is biased towards the left!).

A number of people have alleged ACORN to have a long history of scandals arising from its voter registration functions and at least one person alleged, among other things, that the Obama campaign "donated" $800 MILLION to ACORN. Quite impossible since the Obama campaign has never had that much money and a cursory Googling of the supposed gift reveals that the true story is very different.

Anyway, I have been on a number of political listservers and Usenet groups and asked for a complete list of the scandals in which ACORN has been involved and, especially, any that ended with ACORN being found guilt of any reprehensible behavior. I also asked for authentication of the claims that Obama has been closely associated with ACORN in any way that would implicate him in any of the supposed scandals.

It's been a week since I first started to research these issues and there has not been one single response that established any history of ACORN wrong-doing nor a single verifiable connection between Senator Obama and ACORN that was in any way scandalous or indicative of illegality. Indeed, from the conservative groups and listservers, I got back many repeated allegations but not one verifiable incident of unlawful activity by the group or Obama. It seems that all allegations of registration fraud are cases in which ACORN was the victim of fraud rather than its perpetrator.

So, I ask those conservatives to cite specific activities of ACORN that were so reprehensible and to cite specific proof of a skullduggerous relationship with Obama. I'll wait while you did up the evidence.

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There is a video here that has the leaders of ACORN talking about the issue.

At the end of the day it's more Republican voter supression. Also McCain has now shut up about Acorn because a Republican group he's affiliated with has allegations against them forcing people to register Republican.




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