Introduce yourself with a little pertinent info and maybe a recent photo.

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Hope that's not a make or break.  Here's a half Latino, half Caucasian that would love to see you if you're in Texas some time.'s callin you... (just sayin...) Lol!

Lets see im a Objectivist, Atheist, Individualist, Realist, Naturalist, Reductionist, Hedonist, Moral Nihilist, Mereological Nihilist, Existential Nihilist. The way I live my life is "Let your emotions govern your intentions. Your cognitive thought decide your actions and your body be the tool of your existence" More specificly my highest passion is psychology than engineering although they are very close. When there is a problem I fix it if I can. I have a very high sence of humor. Im a combat nut because of my instinctive nature and passion for engineering. I like conversation but if I get one word responses my interest in the conversation will drop to about none. I also like to multitask and keep my mind busy. If you want send me a message.

oh yah It's been brought to my attention that there are two kinds of objectivist, Im the definition verstion of objectivist basically that I believe that an actual world exist that is not dependant on our perception. Im not the ayn kind of objectivist

Hey all!!! I'm Dani and I'm 26 years old. I came out as an atheist a few years ago, when I started to really think about things and realized religion wasn't the answer. I live in Milford, DE. It's not a well known place and probably doesn't show up on the map. I currently work for the Department of Transporation as an Accountant. I'm still working on my bacehlor's degree (don't know when I will get it). The picture is of myself and Jason Mewes (plays Jay in Clearks, Mall Rats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Dogma). This was in August 2008 during the Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ.
My real name is Harold. I'm a mental health services evaluator. Grew up in Michigan, moved to Berkeley California to get a PhD. My hobby is 3-D (stereoscopic) imaging, both photography and computer graphics. I'm also a burner (Burning Man). I have a website with 3-D Burning Man photos.
Here is a picture taken a few weeks ago at the San Francisco Burning Man Decompression.

I'm 55, have three grown kids. Married once, divorced once.
I would love to see Burning Man some day. I'm seriously considering moving to Nevada after my Daughter gets out of high school to see if I can snag some cheap land- I'd like to have a place to host dance, SCA, and martial arts groups. Thanks for posting the 3-d photos!
Hello, everyone, I call myself Orson Zedd. It is an alias to protect my identity, although having my photo in my profile shows a lapse of judgment in that instance. I'm 22, come November, and live in the Fundamentalist Cesspool that is North Mississippi, and near the Oxford and Tupelo areas, specifically.

I currently am a student, earning a degree in English Education. I'm very shy, so if you live nearby and would like to talk or something, drop me a line. Until then.

Your Friend,

Orson Zedd

Hello, I'm Mark. I'm 34 years old. I live in the Milwaukee area and I work as a customer service operator at my state's one call center. I have a BA in journalism and mass communications, but I'm thinking of going back to school soon for a degree in something more technical. My interests include role playing and miniature games, astronomy and general science, sci-fi and fantasy, history, hiking, cooking, and cinema. I've been a recovering Catholic and born-again atheist for a little over 10 years now. I've never been married, I'm not interested in child-rearing, and I'm sort of shy when it comes to dating.

Lifelong atheist here, glad to meet you all. I come from Dawkin's website to meet others like me, and not like me.

Let's see, I've been in college for 20 years plus, haven't got the Doctoral degree yet, haven't finished a lot of things, always have a ton of projects underway, but I've done a lot too. Multiple degrees, two languages so far, three kids, lots of cars, and looking for the perfect boat.

Howdy, I'm Scott. I live in Snellville, GA (not far from you, Heather!) I am 42 years old, and teach theater at Emory University. I have two dogs. I've been married twice, and have one 12 year old son (lives most of the year with his mom). I am an anti-theist (I espouse the removal of all religions from the planet) and have vacillated between being mildly religious in my earlier life to my now hardcore self.
I may need your theater expertise this semester. I can't act my way out of a paper sack!




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